What is tornado safety?

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The safest place to be during a tornado is in a basement or cellar.

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Q: What is tornado safety?
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What are some safety hazards during a tornado?

Safety hazards that may be encountered during a tornado include:Collapsing buildingsInjury from wind-driven debrisInjury from being carried away by the wind

If there is a tornado what is the best safety plase?

The best place to be in a tornado is in an underground shelter, preferably one not directly beneath a building.

What are safety measures to take before a tornado?

Get under ground as fast as you can.

How do tornado spotters help people stay safe when a tornado is approaching the area?

Storm spotters can help tell exactly were a tornado is and where it is going, so people in the path can be warned and get to safety.

What does a tornado warning indicate?

A tornado warning indicates that a tornado is near you and that you should get to safety before it hits.

How do you defeat a regular tornado?

You cannot "defeat" a tornado of any kind. All you can do is take cover to ensure your safety. The best place to be is in a basement or cellar.

Where is the best place to go for safety if there is a tornado?

The best place to be is in a basement or underground cellar.

How would you use the word silos in a sentence?

People go in silos for safety from a hurricane or tornado!!!!!!!!

How do you practice tornado safety?

Go to the nearest shelter if you are in a car. Go to a underground place and stay away from all windows and doors until the tornado has cleared safe

Why did the average number of tornado-related deaths in the US decline from previous years?

The warning system for tornadoes has improved, giving people a better chance to get to safety before a tornado hits.

What does Brian see in the lake after the tornado?

after the tornado is done with he sees the tail of the plane sticking out of the water then he goes in the water and get the safety pack and sees The dead pilot on the ground with fish picking at it

Why is safety inportant?

Safety is important because you don't want to die or to be away from your family (get kidnapped).Also you don't want to be in a storm (hurricane,thunderstorm & a tornado)or earthquake.

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