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What is traditional clothing for Bahamas?

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The Bahamas do not have traditional clothing. the Lucayan Indians wore a loincloth and when Spanish settlers came, they basicly all died.

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What is the traditional clothing in the Bahamas?

there is no traditional wear in the bahamas, but they do wear the same clothing as we do in the jackson.,,,, like what we wear in the summer

What is France traditional clothing?

france's traditional clothing is clothing of some sort.

What is maldives traditional clothing?

maldives' mens traditional clothing

What do people in the Bahamas like to eat?

what traditional food do people in the Bahamas eat

What is the traditional clothing of Northern Ireland?

what is the main traditional clothing of Ireland

What are Philippines traditional clothing?

philippine traditional clothing are very colorful

What is a traditional clothing in North Korea?

Traditional clothing wore in north Korea is the same as south Korea's traditional clothing. It is called hanbok.

Give you a example sentence of ambassador?

The ambassador from his country dressed in traditional clothing. I want to become an ambassador to the Bahamas.

What is the traditional clothing in center France?

traditional clothing is centre is similiar to all around clothing in france

What is traditional clothing for women in Austria?

a Dirndl is traditional clothing for Woman in Austria.

What is traditional south African clothing called?

traditional south african clothing.

What is the traditional clothing for Togo West Africa?

the traditional clothing is a waffle... frozen I guess

What traditional clothing do they wear in Denmark?

Traditional clothing is only worn for certain celebrations.

What are facts about traditional clothing in Italy?

Traditional clothing in Italy is sexy....... and it taste good.....

What is the traditional clothing in El Salvador?

the traditional clothing for el salvador is the makawao ma Kane

Where can you get information on traditional Puerto Rican clothing?

Google.com Information on the Puerto Rican traditional clothing.

What is some traditional Icelandic clothing?

The most famous traditional Icelandic clothing is the wool sweater.

What is traditional clothing of Belgium?

Its an traditional clothing of Belgium so wat u hav a prop

The traditional clothing for Jamaica?

light clothing will get hot

What is Kenya's traditional clothing?

kenya traditional clothes

What does traditional Tasmanian women's clothing like?

It is generally very similar to traditional western European clothing.

What is the traditional clothing of Italy?

The traditional clothing of Italy are Italian folk costumes that are used for dancing. Coppola and dark brown or black waistcoat are also considered as part of the traditional clothing of Italy.

What is Chinese clothing traditional clothing traditional for?

Refers to the traditional Chinese clothing cheongsam class, and now very few people actually wear, more the wind tends to Europe and America.

What is traditional attire?

Traditional attire is the traditional clothing for a specified group of people.

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