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All organisms are related.

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Q: What is true about evolutionary relationships of organisms?
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Is morphology is the study of the evolutionary relationships between organisms?

if its a true or false question its false :)

Is it true that Taxonomists try to identify the evolutionary relationships among organisms?

It is false because they classify organisms.

Scientists determine evolutionary relationships by looking at breeding behavior geological distribution and structural similarities between organisms true or false?

It is true that scientists determine evolutionary relationships by looking at breeding behavior, geological distribution, and structural similarities between organisms. Scientists can use other criteria to determine evolutionary relationships.

The science that seeks to show evolutionary relationships between organisms is?

Systematics is the scientific study of the diversity of organisms and their evolutionary relationships. The science of naming, classifying, and describing organisms is called taxonomy.

How do scientist infer evolutionary relationships among organisms?

scientists can infer how closely related the organisms are in an evolutionary sense

Do taxonomist try to identify the evolutionary relationships among organisms?


What did newer classification systems group organisms by?

evolutionary relationships.

What is the science of classifying organisms according to their evolutionary relationships?


Study of evolutionary relationships among organisms?


How is cladistics used to reveal evolutionary relationships between organisms?

Cladistics is a method of analyzing the evolutionary relationships between groups to construct their family tree.

How are organisms classified based on evolutionary relationships?

By the discipline called cladistics.

Does a dichotomous key show evolutionary relationships among organisms?