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The oxygen atom in a water molecule has a slight negative charge.

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Is it true regarding the motion of liquid water molecules and ice molecules?

yes it is, simply because of the molecules that are regarding it.

Is it always true that the molecules of dense liquid are heavier than the molecules of lighter molecules?

NO. Water has a density greater than gasoline, but gasoline, octane anyway, has a greater molecular mass than water molecules.

Which statement is true regarding the motion of liquid water molecules and ice molecules?

Liquid water molecules exhibit a greater amount of motion than ice molecules.

What Statements about ice melting is true?

Water molecules move from their fixed positions

Is the force of cohesion between water molecules stronger than the force of adhesion between the water molecules and glass molecules?

cohesive force of water molecules for each other is stronger. If this wasn't true, water would flow out of a glass and distribute itself evenly over all the surfaces of the glass.

Is it True electrons larger then molecules?

is it true electrons larger then molecules

What bond bonds water molecules with other water molecules?

hydrogen bond bonds water molecules with other water molecules.

Is it true that amphipathic molecules are molecules that do not contain any hydrogen atom?

No, that is not true. They are molecules that have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts.

Is it true that water molecules look like a chain of atoms?

No. A water molecule only consists of three atoms bonded together.

How many molecules are contained in 3 moles of water molecules H2O?

By definition 3 moles of water molecules. Or about 3 * 6.022140E23 water molecules = 1.806642E24 water molecules

Does water have atoms or molecules?

Water has molecules in it

When water boils what happens to the molecules?

Liquid water molecules are transformed in gaseous water molecules.

What are larger glucose molecules or water molecules?

Glucose molecules are larger than water molecules.

Water molecules can bond to other water molecules by hydrogen bonding?

Correct, yes, water molecules can bond to other water molecules by hydrogen bonding.

Is the following sentence true or false EPA water quality standards allow drinking water to contain only water molecules?

That's false, it will contain other elements, other molecules and EPA puts a limit on the level of the individual elements in the water.

What molecules will mix with water?

Water soluble molecules.

Water molecules are polar with the?

water molecules are polar, with the what?

When water molecules stick to the molecules of other substance the molecules are displaying?

Adhesion is the ability of water molecules to stick to other molecules. Cohesion is the ability of water molecules sticking to one another.

Is it true that hydrogen bonds exist within a water molecule?

No. Covalent bonds exist within a water molecule. Hydrogen bonds exist between water molecules.

What happens to water molecules as water evaporates?

what happens to water molecules as they evaporate

Is water a tissue?

No; water is made up of water molecules. Water molecules contain two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule.

How are water molecules in ice different than in water vapor?

Water vapour's molecules move more freely than water molecules.

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