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it should support the topic

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Q: What is true of each topic sentence in a body paragraph?
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Each body paragraph in an essay begins with what?

A topic sentence!

What is each paragraph for?

It is for your topic sentence

What are the parts of a body paragraph?

im trying to find that out meself haa haaa

How do you find the main idea or topic sentence in a paragraph?

The topic sentence or thesis statement gives you the main idea of the paragraph. If you are not sure what the main idea is, read the paragraph again and look at each sentence. See if that is the sentence which all the other sentences support by turning it into a question and see if the other sentences answer that question.The topic sentence is usually the first sentence of the paragraph. It makes a statement about a topic and the rest of the paragraph explains the topic sentence or gives examples of the topic sentence.

Put in order from first to last Topic sentences clincher sentence that restates the thesis thesis statement clincher sentence that reinforce the main point of each body paragraph?

Thesis statement; Topic sentences; Clincher sentences that reinforece the main point of each body paragraph; Clincher sentence that restates the thesis

Where can you find the topic sentence in the second paragraph?

Usually the topic sentence is the first sentence in a paragraph. The topic sentence makes a statement about some topic and the rest of the paragraph explains the topic sentence or gives examples of the topic sentence. For example if this was the topic sentence There are three living species of Kiwi all of which inhabit New Zealand. Then this paragraph would probably tell us what the three species are and where they live in NZ.

Each sentence in a paragraph should support what?

topic sentence basically what you are talking about

When writing an analytical essay its important to introduce the main point of each paragraph with a?

Topic sentence

What should you right for your topic sentence on the secound amendment?

When two complete sentences are in one complete paragraph; does that mean each sentence is a SEPARATE topic? Or is each separate sentence part of the SAME topic?

What are the key components to writing a five paragraph academic essay explain?

The standard five paragraph essay consists of three parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction sets the foundation of the paper and is concluded with the thesis statement, which is what the rest of the paper will address. The body consists of three paragraphs, each started with a topic sentence that directly supports the thesis statement. After each topic sentence within each body paragraph is 3-5 sentences providing specific support for the topic sentence of the paragraph. The conclusion wraps everything back together and connects back to the introduction. The key components are clarity of the thesis and topic sentences, direct support for each statement made and a good flow from one sentence to the next.

How do you develop a paragraph by using statistics?

Write down your topic sentence. Look up statistical information about the topic and write a list of the facts you learn.Make each fact into a complete sentence, and you have your paragraph!

What is writing unity?

From "Unity is a very important characteristic of good paragraph writing. Paragraph unity means that one paragraph is about ONLY ONE main topic. That is, all the sentences -- the topic, supporting sentences, the detail sentences, and (sometimes) the concluding sentence -- are all telling the reader about ONE main topic. If your paragraph contains a sentence or some sentences that are NOT related to the main topic, then we say that the paragraph "lacks unity," or that the sentence is "off-topic." " In general, it means that your paper is coherent, easy to follow, and each paragraph relates to the main thesis. "To help your paragraph unity try these things:From:"To achieve paragraph unity, a writer must ensure two things only. First, the paragraph must have a single generalization that serves as the focus of attention, that is, a topic sentence. Secondly, a writer must control the content of every other sentence in the paragraph's body such that (a) it contains more specific information than the topic sentence and (b) it maintains the same focus of attention as the topic sentence. "