What is truvia made of?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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it is ant poison

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Q: What is truvia made of?
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Who makes truvia?

Truvia is made by Cargill, Inc. a private agribusiness company.

Who owns truvia?

Truvia is owned by Cargill

Is there a truvia sweetened drink?

Vitaminwater Zero is sweetened with Truvia.

What are some truvia side affects?

Truvia has no known side effects.

What is truvia stock symbol?

Truvia is a brand of Cargill and not traded publically.

Is truvia okay for a diabetic?

Yes, Truvia has no impact on blood sugar levels

Is truvia publicly traded?

No, Truvia is a product of Cargill, Inc. a private company.

How many calories are in a spoonful of truvia?

Truvia is a natural zero-calorie sweetener. So... zero

Has truvia been known to cause migraines?

In none of the clinical studies around Truvia, no difference has been found in side effect reports(including migranes) between users taking Truvia and those taking a placebo.

Dangers in using TRUVIA?

There are no known dangers of using Truvia. It has been approved by both the FDA and many global food safety agencies including the European Food Safety Administration and the French Food Safety Administration. Also, stevia (which Truvia is made of) has been popular in Japan for over 40 years and in South America for over a hundred years with no dangers noted.

Will marmalade made with Truvia set?

Yes, but it will need a thickening agent such as pectin. There are several recipes available for marmalades made with all different types of sweeteners.

What are the ingredients of truvia sweetener?

Stevia leaf extract, erythritol (a natural sugar alcohol), and natural flavors. Source: box of Truvia in my cupboard