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A little background: Tumescent liposuction was invented and developed in 1985. The word "tumescent" means swollen and firm. By injecting a large volume of very dilute lidocaine (local anesthetic) and epinephrine (capillary constrictor) into subcutaneous fat, the targeted tissue becomes swollen and firm, or tumescent. Tumescent Liposuction uses unprecedented large doses of lidocaine and epinephrine. When general anesthesia is added to the tumescent liposuction technique there are increased complications.

Liposuction surgery is an invasive, non-curative, harmful surgery. The complications from this surgery are not accurately followed. Because the reporting of adverse affects is not mandatory.

The HTAC issued this caution in 2002: "Death and disfigurement due to the cosmetic surgical procedure of liposuction should be a matter for serious public concern."An article in the Anesthesiology News, 2012, is entitled: "As Liposuction Deaths Mount, Study Exposes Cracks in Safety". The article states that, a quarter-century after the nation's plastic surgeons received what amounted to carte blanche to perform liposuction, a new analysis suggests that the procedure is no safer than it was back then.

Even patients who initially feel satisfied with a cosmetic outcome have had their bodies irreversibly changes in ways that will negatively affect their long-term physical and mental health, and their overall well-being. No matter how often it is renamed, or how the medical community spins it, liposuction is unsound. Scientific studies remind us that, regardless of the surgeon, the problem of liposuction has to do with the biology of fat.

Liposuction increases visceral fat, causes long-term fat mobilization, increases insulin resistance, and instigates metabolic syndrome - and all of these affects are so detrimental to one's health.

Liposuction is responsible for a spectrum of harm including:

· Permanent damage to muscles, nerves, underlying organs

· Painful skin adherence which is disabling and limits sitting and mobility

· Disturbing fat regrowth causing unnatural, disfigured appearance

· Possible increased in visceral fat which is linked to slowed metabolism and disease conditions known to shorten life

· Infertility and difficulties with lactation

· Loose sacks of skin that require risky skin excision and fat grafting

· Sunken pockets of divots

· Lack of transparent, clearly-communicated consent

· Problems of exceeded consent

· Financial hardship and even ruin

· Chronic pain, loss of quality of life

· Lidocaine toxicity, third-space swelling, Death


A push-pull within sub-groups of the medical profession complicates the issues regarding liposuction / adipose removal: Board certified surgeons fault dermatologists (who don't have hospital privileges) for using local anesthesia and not being plastic surgeons. Dermatologists fault board certified plastic surgeons for performing too much toxic, aggressive surgery at once via general anesthesia. This internal finger pointing implies that the side effects are related to the doctor's training and technique, when in fact, the Biology of fat is At Fault. Not to be overlooked is also the invasive technique and guesswork that goes into liposuction.

In sum, several competitive groups of doctors who benefit handsomely from the surgery have convinced the public that - contrary to its poor track record and scientific studies proving otherwise - liposuction is safe. Of course, this does not make it so. The idea that doctors (board certified plastic surgeons or not) are above the fray should be earnestly questioned in order to prevent further widespread iatrogenic (medically induced) harm.
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Q: What is tumescent liposuction?
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How much does a Tumescent Liposuction procedure cost?

Liposuction is a costly service that has only gotten more and more popular over the years. The average cost of a Tumescent Liposuction procedure is around three thousand dollars.

Is liposuction risky?

Liposuction under local anesthesia using the tumescent (wet) technique is exceptionally safe.

What are the complications of tumescent liposuction?

The most dangerous complications of tumescent liposcution usually happen if too much fat is removed in a single time. permanant nerve damage is very rare.

Classification of liposuction?

Actually there are 3 main categories of liposuction (and a fourth which is extincting)Dry Liposuction (this is not utilized anymore)Wet Liposuction (tumescent lipo, water jet assisted liposuction)Ultrasonic Liposuction (vaser lipo etc)Laser Liposuction (Smart Lipo and much more)For more info have a look at the related links

Which are the best new liposuction techniques available?

There have been many modifications in liposuction equipment over the years. All are variations on the theme of a metal tube being placed in the area of concern and a vacuum pump aspirating the unwanted fat. This is referred to as โ€œsuction assisted liposuction.โ€ Tumescent super-wet technique is almost always used, which means that a dilute solution of lidocaine and epinephrine are instilled into the subcutaneous tissue first. Tumescent fluid infiltration improves the safety of liposuction by preventing blood loss and increasing comfort to the patient while increasing the dimensions of the fatty space for safe cannula passes.

What are the average costs of tumescent liposuction?

"Liposuction costs varies depending on how much fat you want to be removed. Therefore, if you have a lot of fat, it would cost more. In most places it costs more if you are a male than a female. Also, if you want additional fat to be removed after the first one, it would cost less. But the average cost of Tumescent Lipocuction is $5,500."

Can you have liposuction with a local anesthetic?

Yes, it is called tumescent anesthesia. Usually this is combined with some degree of sedaton for comfort. I am a plastic surgeon in Utah (Dr. York Yates). Most plastic surgeons prefer to do liposuction with largely local anesthesia for patient safety.

How much does arm mini liposuction cost in Pakistan?

It can cost between Pak Rs. 60,000/- to 80,000/- (US$ 800 - 1000) if done with local anesthesia without general anesthesia. this technique is called tumescent liposuction and is the latest and safest method. The best way to get Liposuction cost in Pakistan is, contact those clinics who provides Liposuction in Pakistan, like

How much is liposuction?

There are many different types of liposuction, e.g. ultrasonic, tumescent, laser surgery. The costs can vary from 1500 to upwards of 7500 dollars. It all depends on how extensive your needs are and what types of risks you are willing to consider. Also, the surgeon you choose, often has a large effect on the cost.

Is liposuction painful?

Liposuction will vary in pain depending on the individual.Most patients say that it is more discomfort than it is painful.Doctors will usually perscribe pain meds to help alleviate the pain.Newer techniques and improved technology like the UAL and the tumescent technique, help patients not feel as much pain.

What is the history of liposuction?

The history of liposuction begins at the late 60s while it wasn't before 1982 that Dr Illouz presented his "Illouz Method" which was the first suction assisted fat removal.. In 1985 Dr. Klein & Lillis invented Tumescent Lipo while in the early 90s the first ultrasound technologies were developed! Laser Liposuction came to light in the very earlys 2000s!

Will liposuction of the flanks leave ugly scarring on a person's body?

Tumescent Liposuction claims to allow you to wear whatever you want after ridding yourself of those stubborn love handles. The flank and love handle Liposculpture procedure is said to be easier and safer than traditional liposuction. It uses a small laser to melt away fat and won't leave unsightly scars.

Where can one find information about tumescent liposuction?

Your doctor will be able to provide you information about the procedure. Your doctor can also share the benefits and risks of the procedure. Working together with your doctor is the best way to determine whether or not a procedure is right for you.

How to Determine if Liposuction is Right for You?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that consists of the removal of excess fat. Sometimes the procedure is called body contouring as it shapes the body and smooth’s irregular shapes. Liposuction can be performed on a variety of different body parts. Contouring can be done under the chin, cheeks, breasts, buttocks, abdomen, calves and upper arms. Liposuction is considered a major surgery and can involve a painful recovery. Some procedures can have fatal complications and can result in death. There are several different types of liposuction procedures available. A fluid injection liposuction treatment is called a Tumescent Procedure. This is the most common procedure out there. A large amount of solution Is injected into the area prior to fat removal. Epinephrine is then administered to reduce blood loss, bruising and swelling. This procedure takes longer than any other liposuction procedure. The super-wet technique is somewhat like the tumescent procedure. There is more fluid used in the tumescent procedure than the super-wet procedure. This procedure takes less time than the tumescent procedure and requires IV sedation or general anesthesia. There is also the ultrasound assisted procedure. This is a relatively new procedure where vibrations are used to break down and liquefy fat. Once the cells are liquefied, they are removed via vacuum. There are two ways that this can be done. Internally, which is below the skin surface, or externally, which is above the surface of the skin. Once the procedure is done, there may be tubes inserted to drain blood and fluid that may build up in the days after the surgery. If there is extreme blood and fluid loss, IV fluid replacement may be necessary. Liposuction is not typically substituted for diet and exercise or a cure for obesity. It is not recommended for cellulite treatment or on the sides of the breast. The sides of the breast are common areas for cancer. There are other options to avoid liposuction such as tummy tucks, fatty tumor removal, and breast reduction.

What about flanks liposuction?

First things first you need to find an expert doctor with great credentials and you should gather some reviews about his work! Besides you need to clarify what your expectations are! Tumescent or Vaser Liposuction are mostly utilized in order to remove fat from flanks while local anesthesia works better for this body area! During recovery you should follow the surgeon's guidance and wear a compression garment!

What is the medical term meaning surgical removal of fat beneath the skin?


Are you A Good Candidate for Liposuction Surgery?

A good candidate for liposuction is defined as any person who has realistic expectations, is in good health and is likely to be happy with the results of liposuction. Although liposuction can often provide very substantial improvements, it is rare for liposuction results to be absolutely perfect.

Are liposuction results the same for every person that undergoes liposuction?

No, liposuction results are definitely not the same for every person that undergoes liposuction. Some people have a difficult time adjusting to after surgery than others.

Where might someone find the definition of tumescent online?

There are a number of online dictionaries one can use to find the definition of tumescent online. Some online dictionaries include The Free Dictionary, Oxford Dictionaries, One Look and Your Dictionary.

What is lipo?

Lipo an abbraviation for Liposuction, which is a surgical procedure that is utilized in order to remove topical fat, by means of suction! Many techniques are utilized to destroy fat (tumescent fluids, mechanical movement of cannula, laser, radio frequency, ultrasounds) but in all procedures the final part is that a cannula inserted in the fat layer removes fat!

What is the cost of liposuction pics?

Liposuction pictures are not sold by any dealer. They can however be taken at the person's discretion before and after they undergo liposuction surgery.

How much for liposuction for men in Atlanta?

Thecost of liposuction for men in Atlanta will vary depending on the doctor. On average, liposuction can cost as low as $1,500.

Is it normal for males to get liposuction?

Male liposuction is a very common thing nowadays. There are quite a few men across the United States who have had liposuction.

Is it possible to have liposuction performed on your face?

Liposuction is performed on the face and neck area. For information about the procedure visit

What is the difference between someone before liposuction and after liposuction?

Liposuction surgery is the best and the quickest way to remove excess fat deposits from a specific area of the patientโ€™s body. So if you have more weight then you can try liposuction.