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Umbilicoplasty is a cosmetic surgery performed to alter the appearance of the belly button. It is sometimes part of a larger surgery, like a tummy tuck.

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Q: What is umbilicoplasty?
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What is the correct cpt code for an umbilicoplasty?

"Umbilicoplasty" is a broad term and not universally recognized. Could mean simple sutures; could mean lipectomy; could mean duct tape.

What can you do to get your belly button in?

Many patients are concerned about the "outy belly button". Plastic Surgeons perform what is called an umbilicoplasty or an umbilical hernia repair. It is best to speak with a plastic surgeon about your particular concern. Usually this procedure whether it requires an umbilical hernia repair or not can be done under local anaesthesia and sedation. A patient will go home the same day as their procedure. Dr. David Azouz M.D. Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon Dallas, Texas

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What is the correct cpt code for an umbilicoplasty?

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