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Uncle Henrik is a fisherman who lives in the village with the Johansen family in the novel "Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry.

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Q: What is uncle henriks occupation?
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Who shows up at uncle henriks house unexpectedly?

The German Soldiers come to Uncle Henrik's house unexpectedly and ask who is in the casket.

What had mr rosen dropped at uncle henriks house?

Mr. Rosen had dropped his pocket watch at Uncle Henrik's house. It was a special family heirloom that he had inherited from his grandfather.

What was the name of uncle henriks boat and where did he get it?

Uncle Henrik's boat was named the Ingrid and he obtained it from a friend who lived in Sweden.

When did Emil Henriks die?

Emil Henriks died on May 4, 1962.

Why did they travel to uncle henriks house?

They traveled to Uncle Henrik's house in order to seek refuge and safety during World War II, as Henrik was involved in the resistance movement and could provide protection from the Nazis.

When was Emil Henriks born?

Emil Henriks was born on April 4, 1885, in Frederiksberg, Denmark.

What did Ellen think of uncle henriks farm?

Ellen thought Uncle Henrik's farm was a good hiding place for the Jewish refugees because it was secluded and remote, making it less likely for them to be discovered by the Nazis. She was grateful to Uncle Henrik for providing a safe place for them during the war.

What is uncle henriks housekeeping like in the book Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

Uncle Henrik's housekeeping in "Number the Stars" is described as meticulous and orderly. He ensures that everything in his home is clean, well-maintained, and in its proper place. Henrik's attention to detail reflects his caring and responsible nature.

What fairy tale did Annemarie remember on the trail to uncle henriks boat?

Annemarie remembered the story of Little Red Riding Hood while on the trail to Uncle Henrik's boat. This story served as a comforting distraction and a source of strength for her during their dangerous journey through the woods.

What was Mamas true reason for choosing the country path to Uncle Henriks house?

Mama's true reason for choosing the country path to Uncle Henrik's house was to avoid suspicion and detection by the German soldiers who controlled the main road. By taking the country path through the woods and fields, Mama hoped to evade their scrutiny and reach Uncle Henrik's house safely with Ellen and Annemarie.

Why did the German soldiers come to uncle henriks house?

The german soldiers came to uncle henrik’s house because they saw that a lot of people were going to his house, so they were suspicious and thought that there were jews in a hideout.

Why was Annemarie surprised by uncle Henriks announcement that there was to be a funeral?

i have recently read this book in class and if i were to put an answer i would have to say that is was due to the fact that she has never heard of this particular family member and was supprised at the fact that one had died. all people would gennerally be suppriesed at the announcement of a funeral.