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what makes Angola unique

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Q: What is unique about Angola Africa?
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Is Angola in South Africa?

No Angola is another country, in southern Africa

Is Angola in the west of Africa?

No. Angola is a country that is north of Namibia.

Does Angola have a county?

Angola is a country in africa.

What continent is Angola in?

Angola is on the Atlantic coast of southern Africa.

What region is Angola located?

Angola is in south west Africa.

What is something in Africa that starts with an a?

Algeria Angola

What part of Africa is Angola?

In southwestern Africa.

Is Angola in Africa?


What continent does Angola in?


What is the capital of west Africa's Angola?

The capitol of the Republic of Angola is Luanda.

Where is Angola?

Angola is in Africa below Congo and right next to Zambia.

Is Angola in the Indian Ocean?

No. Angola is in Africa, with a coast on the Atlantic Ocean.