What is usefullness?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is usefullness?
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Write on the composition of the atmosphere and it's usefullness to living organisms?

why i am in school and goal

Utility is the measure of?

The satisfaction a person gets from consumption.

How utility differs from usefullness why it is subjective and why it is difficult to quantify?

Utility is how something is useful. Utility is something that can be useful.

Is it wrong for a mans bulge to show?

In most cultures, this is indeed considered both impolite and a telling sign of a person's unawarenss of the usefullness of a good tailor.

Which is better helium or argon?

Argon is better. Helium can't compare to it, not in terms of cost, usefullness, availability, personality, attractive appearance, intelligence, or ambition.

Usefullness of ogive curve?

In statistics, the ogive curve is an approximation to the cumulative distribution function. It can be used to obtain various percentiles quickly as well as to derive the probability density function.

What is the usefullness of Accounting?

The usefulness of accounting is seen in various aspects of any business. Some of the main uses include budgeting and planning for finances, determining the growth and status of a business and so much more.Ê

What laboratories still have active smallpox samples?

Officially only two laboratories, one in Russia and one in the United States, have active smallpox samples. With the usefullness of it as a weapon, there is speculation that other countries may have it as well.

Technology that can be use in eop?

Some people understand eop to mean Equal Oportuny Programs. The usefullness of technology in this meaning of eop is changing very fast simply because the prime concern in this eop is what helps the patient. There can be no one answer.

What is the main difference between a road bike and a regular bike?

Really depends on what you mean by a "regular bike". But road bikes tend to be lighter, more slender and focused more on speed than everyday usefullness compared to a regular bike.

What came after the Renaissance?

The renaissance comes from the French word meaning "rebirth". It referred to the movement that swept across mediaeval Europe where the arts (painting sculpture etc) took on new life and vigour. Artists began to experiment because they felt a new sense of freedom. What followed was the Baroque period whereby artists began to ignore the usefullness of the art they were creating, concentrating more on the decorative aspects. What followed Baroque? Artists almost completely forgot about the usefullness of the objects they were creating and gave themselves over to excesssive decoration. This period is called the Rococco Period. I hope that will be of some help. Sisirulz

What is the differences between decision usefulness and accountability objectives of general purpose financial reporting?

Accountability is the classical view on financial reports meaning u should report as close to real world as possible. Decission usefullness is about reporting as what should be best for decissionmakers(investors)