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Having researched the U.K. prices on 31.01.2010, this model is increasing in value due to its quality and the fact that it is now discontinued. It would be very hard to find for less than £90 and are regularly selling in the £90-£100 range (Pounds Sterling).

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Q: What is value of webley Scott hurricane pellet pistol?
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Which years was the webley Scott hurricane air pistol manufactured?

Webley & Scott made 2 versions of the Hurricane. The first one said "Hurricane" on the barrel housing. (1975-1990) The second version said "Webley Hurricane" (1990-2005)

What is the value of hurricane air pistol 22 calibre in mint condition?

Hurricane: Made by Webley and Scott in mint condition it is worth around $190 to $225

What is value of webley Scott hurricane second version 22cal air pistol?

The Hurricane by Webley & Scott was made between 1990 & 2005 ( 2nd Version ) In order to place a value Please re-post your question with the current condition of the pistol. Is it still Working? Is it is Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent condition? It is not possible to place a value without some information about the pistol.

Where will you find service manual for Webley and Scott Nemesis air pistol?

I would contact Webley & Scott directly at the link below and ask them for a manual

What is the value of a 1925 webley and Scott air pistol?

Please state the model and the condition of the pistol to get an estimate of value.

How do you date a Webley and Scott mark 1 air pistol?

Features and markings. ------- corrected answer------------ The Webley and Scott Mark 1 was made between 1926 and 1929 Approx 1500 were mfg

How do you know what model your webley Scott 177 old air pistol is?

Webley and Scott made about a dozen .177 caliber pistols. I suggest you locate a "Blue book of airguns 10 edition." it is there you will find your answer in the Webley & Scott section. The model name is usually on the left side of the air chamber below the barrel.

How old is serial 74583 Webley Scott?

In order to answer your question correctly i would need to know what type of firearm you are asking about(shotgun,single shot pistol,revolver,semi-auto pistol,etc.)The model of your firearm,and the caliber.All of these help in identifying what model of Webley and Scott you have,and the time frame of manufacture.

History about p webley and son revolver model 83?

The Webley Revolver (also known as the Webley Break-Top Revolver or Webley Self-Extracting Revolver) was, in various marks, the standard issue service pistol for the armed forces of the United Kingdom, the British Empire, and the Commonwealth from 1887 until 1963. P. Webley & Son was the name until they merged with W & C Scott making the name Webley and Scott.

Where would you find info on a Webley Scott 38 automatic pistol serial 66429. all listings refer to the WS revolver?

A good starting point would be to contact Webley & Scott- they are still in business, have a website and an email contact on their site. There are at least 3 handguns that may (at a stretch) fall into the category of a Webley & Scott .38 pistol- the Webley-Fosberry Automatic REVOLVER (somewhere between a revolver and an auto pistol) the Webley Metropolitan Police auto pistol in .380- but I expect you are looking at the W&S Military and Police in .38 Auto. These are rather scarce, made in the early 1900s, and only for a brief time. Sales seems to fall in the $2500-$3000 range. See link below for a picture-

How much is a webley and Scott airpistol worth?

Your question can not be answered because: Webley & Scott made over 22 different pistols models. You did not state the model number You did not state the condition of the pistol. Without more information, No estimate of value can be given.

How old is a webley and Scott serial number 83649?

how old is webley scott 143609