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Variable communication is a way of getting a similar message out to many people while customizing parts of the message based on the recipient.

By creating a table of users and assigning some sort of identifier to those users you can then include a variable in a message, that dictates the information included based on each person's identifier.

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Q: What is variable communication?
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Identify the variable between mass communication and communication?

how can i find the variable between communication and mass communication

Can you identify the variables between mass communication and communication?

Communication is the exchange of thoughts by different ways. A normal communication is between two people or a group whereas Mass Communication is process of communicating some information to lots of people at once eg via television, radio or newspapers. The main variable is the intended audience in both the communications. Normal communication can only be delivered to limited people whereas the mass communication is fast and can be sent to the whole world with mass media.

What is the variable word in english subject?

variable is the variable that variable a variable into a variable. noOb

What is the variable called that changes in response to another variable?

The answer is a dependent variable. A variable that changes in response to another variable is called a dependent variable.

What is an independent variable dependent variable and controlled variable?

an independent variable is a thing you can change on your own. a depentent variable is a variable you depend on and a responding variable is a variable that reacts to the experiment

A variable that changes as a result of the other variable?

The dependent variable.

The variable that is measured in an experiment is the variable?

The Independent/Manipulative variable is the variable that you purposely change, and the Dependent/Responsive variable is the variable that changes as a rest of the Independent variable. You measure the dependent variable to see the effects of the Independent variable.

The input variable is called the what variable?

The independent variable. The output variable is dependent on this variable's value and so is called the dependent variable.

What is the manipulating variable the dependent variable or the independent variable?

The independent variable.

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When you do an experiment the variable you control is the independent variable, and the variable you measure is the dependent variable.

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An independent variable is a variable that isn't affected by something else. A dependent variable is a variable that's affected by changes in the independent variable.