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The variations in elevation of a land surface?

Relief :) ~ louie

What is the term meaning variations in elevation of a land surface?

It is relief.

What type of map represents the features of the earth's surface?

A topographical map displays the variations in elevation of the Earth's surface.

What is a land form that has a low elevation and a mostly flat surface?


What is a map that uses lines to show the shape and elevation of the land surface?


What is a large elevation of the earths surface rising abruptly from the surrounding land?


What causes local variations in solar radiation?

cloud cover, differential heating in land and water, and elevation are all factors

What is Land Surface Datum?

Land-surface datum is a datum plane that is approximately at land surface at each well. If known, the elevation of the land-surface datum above sea level is given... Datum: any level surface, line, or point used as a reference in measuring elevations.

What is a 9 letter word for height of a surface land form above sea level?


What is land that has a high elevation?

Land elevation is when land is higher than sea level

Why do parts of Saudi Arabia have high temperature variations?

its variations in elevation play a part in climate distribution

What are the variations in elavation of land surface?

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Why are tides more noticeable in Earth's oceans than on its land?

Tides in the ocean can cause variations in surface elevation of 50 feet or more between high tide and low tide. Also, being liquid, the sea flows from one place to another. Tides on land seldom exceed 6 inches in amplitude, and the land doesn't flow.

What is the average elevation of earth's land surface?

The average elevation of all Earth's surface is slightly above sea level at this time in Earth's history. Most of the earth is covered by water at an average depth of 3.8 kilometers (2.4 miles).

Land with a broad base that rises sharply into a peak from the land around it?

A mountain is a land form with a broad base that rises sharply into a peak. It is a large natural elevation of the surface of the Earth.

What is land elevation?

is location its height above a fixed reference point, often the mean sea level. Elevation, or geometric height, is mainly used when referring to points on the Earth's surface.

When a geologist monitors a fault what kinds of data do they collect?

they collect changes in elevation tilting of land surface and ground movements

Which factor has the LEAST effect on the time needed for a river to form a canyon?

elevation of land surface above sea level

Which map depicts elevation changes on Earth's surface?

A Topographic map depicts elevation changes on Earth's surface.

What is the height of a surface feature?

The elevation.

How does Peru's elevation affect it's temperature and surface currents?

The higher up in elevation a place is, the colder it will be. As for surface currents, I have no clue.

How do index contours let you know if the land you are viewing are increasing or decreasing?

Each index contour has an elevation associated with it. When you look at 2 contours, one will have a higher corresponding elevation. As you go from the lower elevation to the higher elevation, you know that the land is increasing in the direction toward the higher elevation. From the higher to the lower elevation, the land is decreasing (sloping downward, decreasing in elevation).

What is land subsidence and how does it occur?

A drop in the elevation of the surface of the land is called land subsidence, and can be caused by a collapse of underground mining shafts or naturally occurring underground cave system collapses, commonly called sinkholes.

What do contour lines measure?

They show elevation On a map, contour lines are the best method of showing relief ( the ups and downs of a land surface) (:

Changes in elevation that occur over a given area or land?

Changes in elevation over a given area of land