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What is vegetative reproduction?

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Is a form of a sexual reproduction of a plant

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What is vegitative reproduction?

The reproduction done with the help of vegetative parts of the plant is vegetative reproduction.it is also called as vegetative propagtion

What is the main difference between vegetative reproduction and asexual reproduction?

Vegetative reproduction(vegetative propagation,vegetative multiplication, vegetative cloning) is a form ofasexual reproductionin plants. It is a process by which new individuals arise without production ofseedsorspores.Asexual reproductionis a mode ofreproductionby which offspring arise from a single parent, and inherit the genes of that parent only; it is reproduction which does not involvemeiosis orfertilization.

What is the difference between sexual and vegetative reproduction?

sexual reproduction is diff from vegetative rep in many ways

What are two major groups of seed producing plants?

It is natural vegetative reproduction and artificial vegetative reproduction

What are the different forms of vegetative reproduction?

the different forms of vegetative reproduction is kulot the kulot is one only in the universe.

What kind of reproduction I'd vegetative propagation?

Vegetative propagation is categorized as asexual reproduction. The process involves a single plant.

How does seed reproduction differ from vegetative reproduction?

Seed production is a form of sexual reproduction, with all the genetic variation that sexual reproduction brings with it, where as vegetative reproduction is asexual and does not bring about any genetic variation.

What type of reproduction occur in cynodon?

Vegetative reproduction through suckers.

How does ulothrix reproduce?

Ulothrix is a genus of filamentous green algae that employs vegetative reproduction. Vegetative reproduction is asexual, and does not require seeds or spores.

Is fertilization a kind of asexual reproduction?

No it is not.Kinds of asexual reproduction are splitting,budding,and vegetative reproduction.

What are the three ways of reproduction of plants?

1.Vegetative Reproduction 2.Asexual Reproduction 3.Sexual Reproduction

What is the difference between vegetative and sexual reproduction in plants?

Vegetative reproduction is achieved by somatic cells and sexual reproduction by generative cells forming gametes and the zygote resulting by the union of these gametes.

How do radish reproduce?

Vegetative reproduction (Asexual).

Eyes of potato are useful for?

vegetative reproduction

List three examples of mitotic reproduction?

Budding, fragmentation, and vegetative reproduction.

Specify the methods of vegetative reproduction in money plant?

Money plant reproduces by vegetative method

How do runners in plants reproduce?

Through vegetative reproduction

Is reproduction for angiosperms sexual or asexual?

vegetative propagation and pollination, both sexual AND asexual reproduction.

Two types of asexual reproduction?

types of asexual reproduction: -Binary fission -budding -vegetative reproduction -spore formation

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