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What is visible fat?

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Visible fat is the opposite of invisible fat>

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What is the difference between visible fat and invisible fat?

I am not familiar with these terms but I would presume that visible fat is fat you can view and invisible fat is fat you cannot view.

What food represents a visible fat?


A food that represents a visible fat would be?


Why are your arm veins so visible?

Because you have little fat to cover it, and the muscle pushes it up, which makes it visible.

What is marbling in culinary?

Marbling refers to the visible fat in raw meats.

Is a man's Adams apple always visible?

No, because mine isn't visible and my voice has already lowered and I don't have fat covering it

Why do fat people have high pitched voices?

Because they are fat. [EDIT] I think its something to do with their Adam's apple since its not visible due to the fat around the neck.

I'm a skinny 19 year old guy but still have some belly fat. what should i do to get strong visible abs?

If you are a skinny 19 year old with some belly fat, you can do crunches to get strong, visible abs.

If I lose fat around penis will it grow?

Losing fat does not result in a larger penis, but more of it will be visible, giving the appearance of being larger.

What is an example of a visible fat?

Visible fats are obviously familiar and come from a variety of sources. Butter, lard, shortening, margarine, ghee or clarified butter and cream are some of the visible fats that are solid at room temperature. All kinds of cooking and salad oils, including olive, canola and sunflower oils, are also visible fats that are liquid at room temperature. Apart from these sources of visible fat that you can buy from the aisles of your grocery, some visible fats are present on the cuts of meat, bacon and poultry skin.

What are fat wrinkles in leather?

Wrinkles in the grain of leather caused by fat deposits in the animal that create beauty in the leather. Fat wrinkles are not visible in imitation grain leather Love drew xoxo

What is a Pig meat with fat called?

Most common would probably be bacon, although some cuts of ham also have a visible sliver of fat attached to them.

Does being fat decrease penis size?

It's still the same size, but less if visible and useable.

Is ground lamb fat free?

No. Lamb is actually quite a fatty meat (around 10% fat, for cuts of lamb which do not have a huge amount of visible fat on them), whether it is ground or not. However you can fry the meat and then drain off the fat which comes out of it, to make it leaner.

How do you strip the fat from cirtain foods ?

Stripping the fat from meats like chicken is best done before baking or cooking. Trim all the visible fat away with a knife before cooking or breading. Boiling chicken in water will also remove much of the fat.

Why fat men's Adam's apple is not visible?

because of their fatty skin the voice box is invisible as they are very mota

Are collagen fibers visible to the naked eye?

no. what you are probably looking at (if you have injured yourself) is muscle fibers and fat cells.

What are oval fat bodies?

Oval fat bodies are visible in urine. Oval fat bodies are usually renal proximal tubular cells with lipid in the cytoplasm. Oval fat bodies are usually a sign of nephrotic syndrome. They can be identified under microscope by their characteristic 'maltese cross' appearance.

What does it mean if the veins on a persons arms are bulging?

Veins are more visible when the person's BMI is lower, since they have less fat.

What is visible fat and invisible fat?

Visible and Invisible fats depend on their food sources. For instance, animal sources of fat are fatty meats, lard, butter, cheese, cream whole milk and egg yolk. Plant sources are vegetable oils, nuts, chocolate, avocados, olives and margarine Visible fats are fats in foods that are purchased and used as fats, such as butter or margarine. Invisible fats or hidden fats are fats that are not immediately noticeable such as those in egg yolk, cheese, cream, and salad dressings. Invisible fats make it difficult for a regular diet for those who are on limited fat diets. Visceral fat is fat which accumulates on your internal organs. It won't increase your waistline or you appearance, but it seems to correlate more strongly to a higher risk of disease than cutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the kind we all know about residing directly under the skin. Recent research has shown that dieting can help to reduce subcutaneous fat, but not visceral fat. Visceral fat appears to only be reduced through exercise. Eat right and exercise regularly.

How can a 13 year old who weighs 35 kg make their six pack more visible?

Your abs become more visible when you cut fat in that area, or get a lower body fat percentage. Working the abs will only strengthen them unless you are doing weighted moves to build muscle the abs. At your age you shouldn't be cutting fat it' s unhealthy, so sorry man your stuck with what you got for a few years.

Is chicken fat good for you?

Chicken fat is 100% fat and cholesterol, so it is extremely bad for your arteries. It is about the worst type of fat on the planet, in a very tight race with lard.Calories: 115 per tablespoonFat Grams: 13 gramsCalories from Fat: 100%Cholesterol: 11 mgAnd there is NO dietary fiber, protein or sodium is found in chicken fat.Be sure to always remove any visible skin and fat that you find on the bird before ingesting.

Do elephants have toes on their feet?

yes but they are hardly visible unless you look at a the skeleton the toe bones are very visible,but they are covered so much with fat & muscles that you can't see them,except for there hoof like toe nals.

How do you turn belly fat into muscle?

You can't, fat do not turn into muscle; they are two different things If you want a visible abs, you have to lose the fat (doing cardio, eat less fatty food), and build more muscle by doing weight resistance (and eat more protein)

How can a kid get 6 pack abs?

A kid can get 6 pack abs by eating a diet low in fat and exercising often. Ab muscles are always there, it is simply a matter of reducing body fat levels to make them visible.

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