What is voice in Spanish?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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Voz is voice in Spanish.

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Q: What is voice in Spanish?
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How do you spell voice in Spanish?

Voz is voice in Spanish

Who is the Spanish voice actor for Goku?

The Voice of Goku in Spanish (DBZ, GT, and movies) is Mario Castañeda.Hope this helps-Doisan

Who does the voice of Bella in Spanish?

Fabiola Stevenson

How do you say the voice in spanish?

la voz.

Is Shakira Latin?

no shakira is not latin but she is spanish but her voice is great

How do you say voice-over in Spanish?

voz en off

How do you say her voice in spanish?

su voce (pronounced voth)

Who was the singing voice of Anastasia in the spanish version of the film?


How do you say your voice is beautiful in Spanish?

Tu voz es hermosa ...

Aviton az281ma does it have voice and text?

Yes, the Aviton AZ281MA gives turn by turn direction with voice. You can select male or female voice in English, Spanish or Canadian French.

What are the words 'voice mail' when translated from English to Spanish?

mensaje de voz

Who played the voice of Diego in ice age spanish person?

Sergio Sendel