What is volume of BP oil spill?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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This is an ongoing event. My answers are given to the best of the current information as of 12:30 pm, on May 20. Oil continues to flow from the Maconda well. BP has not provided any estimate of the oil flow rate but on May 18, stated that approximately 2,000 BOPD was being captured by the insert tube.

NOAA made a preliminary estimate of 5,000 barrels/ day. Given 30 days since the blowout to May 17, total volume would be 150,000 barrels of oil, and 2 days at 3,000 BOPD would make it 156,000 barrels to May 20. Could be a lot more as noted by some experts. It would be difficult to consider it less than 100,000 barrels given the current flow out the insert tube.

The big question is how much additional oil will be spilled. That depends on whether the top kill effort is successful.

To convert to gallons, multiply by 42.

See related link.

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Q: What is volume of BP oil spill?
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The 'Deepwater Horizon oil spill', also called the 'BP Oil Spill', the 'Gulf of Mexico oil spill' or the 'Macondo blowout'... ---- Wikipedia

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The BP oil spill can refer to either the BP oil spill of March 2, 2006 in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. BP oil spill of April 20, 2010 in the Macondo Prospect oil field in the Gulf of Mexico, on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

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