What is wbc blood test?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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white blood cell countdetects dangerously low numbers of these cells during conditions or medications that weaken the immune system, such as HIV infection, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy cause a decrease in white blood cellsThe WBC count is used to determine the presence of an infection or leukemia. It is also used to help monitor the body's response to various treatments and to monitor bone marrow function.

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Q: What is wbc blood test?
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Do you fast for a wbc test?

For "wbc" or "white blood cell" test, you do NOT need to fast.

What is a WBC lab test?

A WBC lab test is a test where they check your White Blood Cells. White Blood Cells are part of your immune system and help fight infection. If your WBC is above 10,000 you have an infection.

In CBC blood test what does the WBC category stand for?

In a CBC (complete blood count), WBC stands for White Blood Cells.

What blood test includes wbc and rbc counts hemoglobin and hematocrit differential?

Blood typing

What blood test includes wbc and rbc counts hemoglobin and hematocrit?


What is WBC in a urine test?

Just 'white blood cells' - could maybe indicate an infection.

What is the indication of infection seen in blood test report?

A high WBC indicates a possible infection.

What is MID blood test?

In terms of a blood test, MID stands for mid-sized cells. This value is common in blood tests that check WBC or white blood cell count.

What causes low wbc?

Illnesses and disease can cause low white blood cell count. This is determined by doing a blood test and being evaluated by a doctor.

Is 16.7 a high white blood cell count?

had cbc blood test at hospital for pain in upper stomach, wbc came back at 16.7, what can cause this

What does Eos mean in a CBC test?

The abbreviation of "Eos" in a Complete Blood Count Test with Diff (CBC with diff or CbC w diff) stands for eosinophils, an immature white blood cell (WBC).

What is the wbc function?

The function of WBC (white blood cells) is to FIGHT INFECTIONS