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What is weather like in Plains states?

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The weather is the most unusual weather on the planet earth. Mostly there was severe storms. from violent thunder storms to large scale tornadoes peace.

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What is the coastal plains weather like in the winter?


What is the weather in the central plains of Texas?

the weather in the central plains

What is the weather like in the great plains?

The weather in the Great Plains is seasonal. Summer months are generally warm while winter months are cold and snowy.

What is the weather like in the Coastal Plains?

Weather in areas of coastal plains is mild throughout the year. It is not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer.

What is weather like in the Texas coastal plains?

Humid and hot most of the time.

What was the weather like in the maidu Indian tribe?

it was very hot because they lived in the plains.

What will the weather be like this fall?

The weather this fall in the United States will be mildly cool.

What is the weather like in the interior plains?

dry and very dusty actually too dusty and grassy

What was weather like for the Plains Indians?

well, it had dry grassland so it would be very hot!

What is weather and climate conditions like in the Central Plains in spring and early summer?

They have severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

The plains stretch arcoss the middle of the united states?

The plains that stretch across the middle of the United States are referred to as the Great Plains.

The Plains states lie within the?

Interior plains

What is the Iditarod weather like?

you'll end up with some blizzards and icy roads, as well as snowy plains

What is the weather like in the central plains?

humid with all kinds of wids that create tornados and heavy thunder storm

What is Oregon's weather like?

depends, west side wet and foggy, east side high plains prairies.

What is the weather like generally in the US Great Plains?

The Great Plains is a large area, with weather that varies greatly from region to region. The northern region has harsh winters, and warm summers. The southern region has warmer winters, and very hot summers.

What is the weather for tomoorw?

The weather for tomorrow will vary amongst different countries and states. As of August 2014, the United States will experience summer-like weather conditions throughout most of the country.

What are the plains states of the Midwest?

The plains states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.

How many states are in the Great Plains region?

There are ten states in the Great Plains Region of the US.

What type of weather do giraffes live in?

They live in Warm dry weather of the African plains.

What state can be found in the great plains?

the great plains are located in many stats like Oklahoma Kansas and other states sorry it wasn't a long answer

What is the large plains area in North America?

The Great Plains and Coastal Plains are the plains areas in the United States.

Which southeast states have plains?

Most of them but they are not related to the Great Plains.

How many states are in the Mildwest and Great Plains?

Midwest=12 states Great Plains=contain parts of 11 states Wikipedia.

Which region of the US covers most of the Great Plains?

Mid western states are the Great Plains states.