What is weight in physics apparatus?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is weight in physics apparatus?
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What are the advantages of having physics apparatus in laboratory when performing experiment?


What example of improvised science apparatus used in physics?

Physical chemistrical apparutus

What is the use of weight pan as a physics apparatus?

A weight pan is used in physics experiments to hold known masses or objects so that the effects of gravity and weight can be measured. By adding masses to the weight pan, students can investigate how different factors, such as force and acceleration, affect the motion and equilibrium of the system being studied.

What is the use of Demonstration Balance as a physics apparatus?

A Demonstration Balance is used in physics to demonstrate the principles of equilibrium and center of mass. It consists of a horizontal lever with two arms of unequal length, allowing for balancing of various masses on each side to show how their positions affect stability and balance. This apparatus helps students visualize and understand concepts related to torque, forces, and equilibrium.

What is Gravesand apparatus?

Gravesand apparatus is used to determine weight of body using parallelogram law of vectors.

How do you prepare experimental part of physics?

first find suitable apparatus ,design an investigation question and state the hypothesis.

Other laboratory apparatus in physics?

Examples: microscope, interferometer, X-ray difractometer, hardness tester, etc.

What is the Apparatus use in physics with picture?

Please connect me with any Physics teachers who are willing to share his/her knowledge. I do teach Physics subject here in the Philippines but with limited knowledge on such area. This is Gloria M. Lintag, email ad

Give types of errors in physics?

zero error apparatus error experimental condition experiment error parallax error

Where can you get positive and negative wires for a class project?

You can get the positive and negative wires for a class project at a store that sells the Physics apparatus.

Can weight be zero physics?

In classical physics, weight is the force exerted on an object due to gravity. If an object has zero mass, it would not experience weight as weight is proportional to mass. So, for a body to have zero weight, it would need to have zero mass.

What is apprartus?

Apparatus means things or items that are needed to conduct an experiment in physical science, chemistry, biology and physics. Examples of apparatus used in chemistry are: pipettes, burettes, conical flasks, glass beakers and thermometers.