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White means courage.

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Q: What is white mean on the American flag?
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What does the white on the America flag mean?

The white on the American flag means peace.

How many white stripes does the American flag have?

The American Flag has six white stripes.

What do the three colors of the flag mean?

RED-The American seal, WHITE-The American seal, BLUE-The American seal.

What does the American flag mean when it is not flying at the white house?

That the president is not home

What do the colours on the American flag mean?

first you mean colors. the red and white stand for the blood we shed.

What does the white mean on the French flag?

White is used on the flag of the United States to signify purity. The purity of the American ideals of fairness, rule of law, and diligence.

What were the colors that are on the American flag?

the colors on the American flag are red, white, and blue

Who put the American flag on top of the White House?

Barack Obama put the American Flag on top of the White House...........

What does the American eagle on the flag mean?

There is no eagle on the American flag.

What does it mean to fly the red white and blue?

It means you're American or British. The French flag, of course, is blue, white and red.

What does the American flag and the Mexican flag have in common?

Nothing besides the white.

What does the white on the us flag mean?

The white on the USA flag means independence