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Q: What is wind erosion in which fine dry soil is blown away?
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What is the process through which soil is washed away or blown away?


What causes the loss of soil that is not protected by plant cover?

Wind, water erosion. The soil is blown away or washed away.

How can overgrazing ang over cultivation cause soil erosion?

Grazing with hoofed animals such as cattle causes to topsoil to become compacted, and also breaks down soil structure. 'Poor' soil structure is when the soil does not form clumps (or aggregates), but instead exists as fine particles or dust. These fine surface soil particles are then easily blown away by wind or washed away by rain, causing erosion of soil. Compaction prevents rainfall from infiltrating (soaking into) the soil, and so much of it runs off, and this can also cause water erosion by washing away soil.

Why do the top layer of soil get affected by erosion and weathering?

It is loose soil so its gets blown and washed away easiest.

What is when wind picks up and carries away loose surface material?

Erosion occurs when rock is washed, blown, or carried away.

What do you mean by soil erosion?

The process by which sediment and rock are moved on earths surface by wind, water and other exotic processes.

Definition of Biotic agents of soil erosion?

soil erosion is washing away of soil or carring away of soil from one place to another

Does erosion create soil?

It's the other way around. Erosion takes soil away and removes it. Erosion is bad for the soil. The more erosion there is, the less soil there is.

The process of blowing soil away?

When soil is washed away by water and wind,it's called soil erosion.It usually happens at hills with not many trees.If there are many trees, the roots will hold the soil firmly so there will be a lesser chance of soil erosion to occur.

How does erosion affect soil nutrients?

Yes, erosion can affect the soil's nutrients by either adding or removing them. For example, the dirt may be blown and fertile soil is left on top. On the other hand, fertile soil could be blown off and then it now has lost its fertile soil and minerals.

How can you slove erosion?

You can prevent soil erosion by simply planting vegetation, trees, shrubs and other plants. It is because the roots of the plants will help hold the soil in place on the ground. And in this case the soil will not be blown or be washed away easily already because the roots of the plants are supporting it.

How floods result in soil erosion and soil in fertility?

floods result in soil erosion by washing the sediments away.