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What is wood's despatch in education?

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wood dispatch is basically a act in 1854.. it spreaded western education in india...

Wood`s Despatch on Education in 1854 laid the foundation on which the educational system has since developed. Various problems related to education in India had become one of the key concerns of the British government by 1853. In order to provide a solution, the secretary of state of that time, Sir Charles Wood, presented a despatch to the directors of the British East India Company.According the recommendations, it was declared that the aim of Government`s policy was the promotion of the western education. In his despatch he emphasised on the education of art, science, philosophy and literature of Europe. In short, the propagation of the European knowledge was the motto of the Wood`s Despatch. According to the despatch, for the higher education, the chief medium of instruction would be English. However, the significance of the vernacular language was no less emphasised as Wood believed that through the mediums of vernacular language, European knowledge could reach to the masses. Wood`s Despatch also proposed the setting up of several vernacular primary schools in the villages at the lowest stage. Moreover, there should be Anglo-Vernacular high schools and an affiliated college in the district level. Wood`s Despatch recommended a system of grants-in-aid to encourage and foster the private enterprise in the field of education. The grants-in-aid were conditional on the institution employing qualified teachers and maintaining proper standards of teaching.

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The East India Company had to renew its Charter after every twenty years. Before renewing the Charter in 1853, the British Parliament constitutes a Selection Committee to enquiry into the Progress of education in India and suggests reform. The suggestions of the Committee were issued as a Charter of Education on July 19, 1854. Charles Wood was the president of the Board of Control. So this is known as Wood's Despatch of 1854. 1) For the first time the government seriously realised the importance of a well planned education system. 2) It recommended the creation of a Department of Public Instruction and appointed a Director to head the Department. 3) It recommended the establishment of both government and indigenous schools to promote mass education. The Despatch also recommended the establishment of three universities to higher education. 4) The Despatch encouraged vocational edication and also training for teachers. 5) The Wood's Despatch recommended the teaching of English and Indian regional languages as well as classical languages like Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit. Hence He is called the magna carta of the Indian Education.

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Woods dispatch…………….. In 1853 the British Parliament, for the first time, instituted an enquiry into the state of Indian education. This resulted in the famous Wood's Dispatch of July 1854, proposing the establishment of Universities at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras whose functions were to hold examinations and coder degrees. The dispatch enunciated the aim of education as the diffusion of the Arts, Science, Philosophy and Literature of Europe. It laid down that the study of Indian languages was to be encouraged and that the English language should be taught wherever there was a demand for it. It also recommended that a number of high schools should-be set up for mass education.

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