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AnswerWorship has various forms, but basically it is the way one expresses love and adoration to one's God.It can be through music, dance, silent communing of the soul, and it can be through deeds. DefinitionsPRAISE - The Bible uses words like "Praise God with instruments", "Shout Praises to his Name". Praise is a celebration of God and giving him honor. Praise takes on many forms; formal hymns or contemporary worship or dance and shouting. It is giving glory to God for who He is and what he has done.

WORSHIP - Worship is more of a reverance and awe of God. We use the term "worship the King" even for earthly men which usually means to kneel down or prostrate yourself before a throne. Spiritual worship usually takes the form of bowing down before God. In Revelations, the Elders bow down and worship saying "Holy, Holy, Holy". Today, we worship God sometimes in music at a time when we are in awe and weeping before God who touches our heart.

AnswerWorship is the private and public practice of honoring God.

The greatest form of worship one can give to God is obedience. The greatest form of love is sacrifice. True worship comes from within & doesn't always have an outward show.

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Q: What is worship?
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Where is the place of worship for atheists?

Atheists do not have a place of worship, as we do not worship anything.

Where do you worship?

Catholics worship in a church. Jews worship in a synagogue. Buddhists worship in temple.

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They worship it like they worship all.

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no, they didnt worship dogs, but they did worship cats.

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Christians do not worship Jesus. They worship God.

What is ancestral worship?

Ancestral worship is just what the name says : worship of their ancestors. such is found in Native American "worship", and has strong ties in buddhism and other asian "worship"

What did the christians believe about worship?

Christians worship God. We often worship with our hands up in the air in worship towards God.

What is the place of worship for Rastafarian?

Rastafarianism place of worship Rastafarianism place of worship

Oldest form of worship?

ancestral or nature worship were the first forms of worship

Where do sikhist worship?

Sihks worship in a Guruwara. Translated it means 'place of worship'

Does China worship dragons?

No they worship crickets. They worship them because they are the wisest of animals.

Where do Christians worship and on what day do they worship?

Primarily, Christians worship in churches on Sundays.

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They worship God.

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they worship at a shrine

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They worship by praying

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It is the worship of words.

Is worship a prefix?

No, worship is not a prefix.

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Where do Christians worship their God?

Christians can worship their God anywhere. Christians are not limited to worship God anywhere. But they mostly worship Him in Church.

Who did the Inuits worship?

They worship anything involving nature. For example they worship Sedna: the goddess of the sea and they worship Anigan the god of the moon.

Were do people worship god?

People worship god in church or they can worship him anywhere.There are many names for various places of worship depending on your religion. But most would allow that you can worship anywhere.

Do Poland worship church or temple?

Where you worship depends on your religion, not your nationality. People in Poland worship in many different types of places. Most Christians in Poland worship in a church, because Christians worship in a church. Most Jews in Poland worship in a temple or synogogue, because that is where Jews worship. Muslims in Poland worship in Mosques, because that is where Muslims worship. Many religions (including Christians, Jews, and Muslims) also worship at home.