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Q: What is worth more 12 oz of gold 40 oz of silver or 1 oz of platinum?
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What metal is worth more gold platinum or silver?

Platinum tends to be worth more than gold by weight, but as prices fluctuate, sometimes the gold price does go higher than the platinum price. Silver, at least in recent history (probably all of history) is worth significantly less than both gold and platinum.

What is the physical property difference of silver and platinum?

Silver is a soft metal. Platinum is a similar color but does not change its shape easily and does not tarnish. Platinum is worth more than silver and gold.

What cost more gold or silver or platinum?


Is silver more valuable than gold?

It would seem not to be the case in the main countries though in the times of the Romans sliver was more precious to them than gold.

Why are some of the coins gold and some silver?

gold is worth more than silver, so the more gold the more its worth.

Which is worth more gold or silver?

If both gold and silver are same size gold would be .

What are the differences between cube of silver and platinum?

A platinum cube will be worth a lot more than a silver cube of the same size, and the platinum cube will weigh a lot more (more than twice).

Is gold or diamond worth more?

GOLD is much more better because It's worth more and silver is not

What is worth more topaz or gold?


Is Russian gold worth more than Russian silver?

Gold is worth more simply because gold is worth more per ounce on the market.

How are silver bullions different from gold bullions?

silver bullions are different from gold bullions because they are not worth as much. gold is a more precious metal than silver so the silver bullions are worth less that the gold bullions.

Which would buy you more cases of beer 1oz platinum 12 gold 40oz silver?

1 oz platinum