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"Sterling silver" refers to the purity of a particular silver object - specifically, sterling silver is 92.5% silver.

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Q: What is worth more sterling silver or silver?
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What is werth more silver or sterling silver?

silver because sterling silver is 92.5% silver and the purer it is, the more it is worth.

Is sterling silver worth more or less than other silvers?

Sterling silver contains 92.5% of mass silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, often Copper. Sterling Silver is often mistaken for pure Silver, when it is actually a Silver alloy.

Is English silver worth anything?

Is English silver worth the same as sterling silver

What is worth more money titanium or sterling silver?

Silver futures are currently trading at $17.62 per troy ounce. Titanium currently sells for $8.50 per lb. - silver is worth more.

Is sterling silver worth any money?

Yes, sterling silver is worth lots of money. "Sterling" refers to a high degree of purity. The value of sterling silver is quite literally the market price for silver, which as the time of this writing is about USD $31.67 per troy ounce.

Is sterling silver worth more than silver plated?

Basically, yes. Sterling silver means "solid silver, or more properly a solid alloy which is mainly silver". Silver plated means "tin (or aluminium, or iron, or steel, or bronze, or whatever) with a very, very thin coating of silver." ..... Sterling is around 98% solid silver mixed with tiny bit of other metal so that it tarnish less

How much is sterling silver per gram in English sterling?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure. Therefore, 1 gram of Sterling Silver contains 0.925g of pure silver. 1 gram of sterling silver is worth: 0.5714 x 0.925 = £0.5285 Rounded up, a gram of sterling silver is worth 53p / gram. As of 20/01/2011, fine silver is priced at £17.7729 / Troy Ounce (source: There are 31.103 grams in a Troy Ounce. Therefore, 1 gram of fine silver is worth: 17.7729 / 31.103 = £0.5714

Is a 1951 sterling silver dime worth anything?

Pre-1965 U.S. dimes are made of coin silver (900 fine), not sterling silver. In any case your coin is worth about $1 for its silver content.

How much is sterling silver 955 worth?


How much is an Ounce of Sterling Silver Worth In English Pounds?

An ounce of Sterling silver is worth $19.98 in US dollars as of 2/11/14 at 9:37 a.m. This is 12.14 British Pound Sterling.

Is English silver worth more then sterling silver?

The term "sterling silver" actually comes from the "pound sterling," the unit of British currency. British silver coinage was for hundreds of years (excepting various bouts of debasing over the years) 92.5% pure. Thus, "sterling silver," which is 92.5% pure, merely refers to silver which is as pure as the pound sterling. As a historical note, the purity of silver in British coinage was reduced in 1920 to 50% silver, and in 1947, silver was replaced with a cupro-nickel alloy in British "silver" coinage.

How much is a 1934 sterling silver dime worth?

US dimes before 1965 were 90% silver. Sterling is 92.5%. 1934 is a common date, only worth about $2.