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What is wrestling?

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2020-04-28 23:30:26

In the 118-LB. class, northern Illinois’ Brenda Maxey became the first woman to win in an NCAA match in this sport, in 1984.

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2016-01-08 15:32:18

Wrestling is a form of physical combat-sport, where two

competitors try to force the other into submission,pins which can

lead to head injures,andy many other more if u are

unfornate.wrestling is just a fake sports where the punch and kicks

they do are all fake because when u see wrestling as a real

thing,they just punch and stomp on the mat in order to trick

u.wrestling is stupid and reckless it turns people into jerks.

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2014-12-18 09:46:03

There is a significant difference between amateur wrestling and

professional wrestling. Amateur wrestling (several different

styles) is an athletic contest between two opponents who grapple

with each other to force their opponent to submit to various body

positions. The ultimate objective is to pin one's opponent by

forcing his shoulder blades to maintain contact with the mat for a

specified period of time (different for different styles).

Professional wrestling, which requires athletic prowess, has an

primary objective to entertain.

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