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fuse / in-line breaker

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Q: What is wrong if on a 1989 Honda Accord LXi the air hi-lo and heat panel does not light up and the AC does not blow out hot air?
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Your instrument panel light failed on your 2001 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder what can you do?

I'm hoping that Honda will replace what is needed with out charging me, is that possible ? I have a Honda accord 2001 LX that the instrument panel failed. Also my tail lights went out . The bulbs may need to be replaced What type ? Will the dealer replaced them also without charge, or did I read that wrong ?

What is wrong when the d4 light is blinking on a Honda accord?

It's the transmission need to replace it.

How do you reset abs light on 1999 honda accord?

The ABS light indicates something is wrong with the Automatic Braking System. It can be reset by fixing the brake system.

What does the yellow maintenance required light mean in a 1996 Honda Accord LX?

means u need to take it to Honda dealer, many things can be wrong nothing specific

Accord d4 light flashing?

The D4 light on a Honda Accord is the symbol for the 'check transmission' light. This light appears when the computer senses something wrong in the drivetrain. The computer should be diagnosed at a proper repair shop in order to source out what exactly is causing the problem.

How do you reset the SRS light on a 1994-1997 Honda Accord?

The SES light means something is wrong. Go to auto zone and have the codes read for free.

Why does my check engine light comes on and off on 1991 Honda Accord?

You check engine light is signaling to you that there is something wrong with you car. You should have your car looked at by a professional.

How do you find out what the problem is if a 1997 Honda Accord SRS light remains on?

There is something wrong with the airbag deployment system. Take the car to the Dealer.

How can i find out whats wrong with my Ac in my 1995 Honda accord?

go to the mechanic

Will tires on a 1994 Honda Accord fit your 2004 Honda Accord?

No, they are the wrong size for the 2004. 14" versus 15"/16" Install the correct size tire on the 2004 Accord. Listed on the driver's door post.

How do you fix a 91 Honda Accord ex coupes window?

Depends on what is wrong with the window.

Does a 1991 Honda Accord LX have knock sensors?

A 1991 Honda Accord LX has knock sensors which detect incorrect ignition timing. The knocking occurs when the valves open at the wrong time.

What is wrong when the brake light are dim 92 Honda accord lx?

Answer Probably a bad ground or the bulb needs changing. battery is dead or a bad ground wire connection

Which cars hold their value longest?

I have read that you can't go wrong with a Honda or a Toyota. In particular the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Corrolla.

A 1984 Honda Accord runs fine until put in gear then engines dies not sure what is wrong?

If the 1984 Honda Accord engine dies when put in gear then it could be due to some faulty wiring.

What does a SRS light mean for a 2000 Honda Accord?

"SRS" means Supplemental Restraint System - the airbag system in your car. If it comes on and stays on, there's something wrong in your airbag system.

How do you fix a speedometer and cruise control for a 1990 Honda accord lx manuel transmission?

what exactly is wrong?

How much is it to repair your back passenger door window to your 2004 Honda Accord ex?

Depends on what is wrong with it.

How do you remove the instrument panel on a 1996 Honda accord to replace the check engine light?

if you are mechanicly inclined ,you still would need the help from an auto repair manual, trust me on this one , because espeically on forigen cars, only one educated guess that is wrong, can lead to a disaster.........tom wade.....

Yellow Engine light 2003 Honda accord is on why?

It means that your car is due for maintenance such as an oil change. It's more of a "reminder" than a warning that something is horribly wrong. If something was mechanically wrong with your car the actual "Check Engine" LIGHT would be on. Hope that helps!

How do you replace a timing belt on a 96 Honda Accord?

96 Honda Accord has an interference engine. Replace the Cam belt wrong and you have serious engine damage when you start the vehicle. For this reason you should seek the help of a professional.

What could be wrong with an 89 Honda Accord if the battery light came on and suddenly smoke came out from the steering column?

You hav a short in the steering column. TAke it to the garage before it catches on fire.

How do you check the check engine light code for 97 Honda accord?

I think Auto Zone has just started offering a service where they will hook up a OBD to your car and they will tell you what is wrong with it for free.

What size rims does 1994 Honda Accord have?

15" Wrong answer. ^ Honda Accords came with 14" steel wheels, 15" wheels available on EX models.

What can be done to fix the odometer in a 1994 Honda Accord?

TAke it to a speedo shop as something is wrong in the speedo itself.