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many things could be going on you could have an STI (sexually transmited infection) or an STD (sextually transmited desiese) in your mouth this comes from oarl sex, also you could have chiken poxs in your mauth go to a doctor as soon at you can they can find out what is going on, but until them no oarl sex or kissing you might give it to you partner. be safe

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โˆ™ 2011-09-15 11:53:39
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Q: What is wrong when you have a few bumps on your tongue toward your throat?
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What is wrong if you have painful bumps or blisters on your tongue throat and inside your nose?

It sounds as though it may be a type of Herpes. You should see a doctor. Not all forms of Herpes are sexually transmitted.

What is wrong if you are 15 and your tongue has red raised lumps at back underneath and side of tongue uncomfortable to swallow and sore throat?

It should be an precaution or symptoms of tongue sore or it may be canker sore

What could be wrong if you have red sore bumps in the middle of your tongue that look like a pimple?

Many sore bumps in the mouth can come from a number of infections. Hopfully oral herpes is not your case which comes from giving oral to someone infected with the disease. Other problems can be throat infections or even an allergic reaction to something you ate. A doctor or pharmacist can very well be able to prescribe something for you.

What could be wrong if there are red bumps that look like blisters in the back of your throat but it is not sore?

This could be a variety of things. Strep throat maybe but that becomes sore, possible STD - you should seek medical attention in the event it is a STD in your mouth/throat before it becomes serious.

What happens if you dont perce your tongue wrong?

If you don't pierce your tongue wrong then what's the problem?

What is wrong if you are 16 and have a lump in your tongue?

it means you have tongue cancer

What is wrong when you have pus bumps on your lips?

When a person has pus bumps on their lips, they most likely are getting a cold sore. You should leave the bumps alone.

What is wrong with my tongue and teeth?

The only way to find out what's wrong with your tongue and teeth is to see a dentist. If there is something wrong with your teeth, like being broken, they could be scratching your tongue which can make it sensitive.

Bumps on fingers?

this could be from holding your pen wrong

When you swallow and it feels like your throat is swollen what is probably wrong?

sore throat

What is wrong with Pork Bones for Dogs?

they can scratch your dogs throat, and maybe get stuck in their throat!

Is your throat supposed to feel weird after you have had a cough drop and there was nothing wrong with your throat?


My throat feels bruised and like when i burp it hurts at the bottom what's wrong with my throat?

You dying

Is it wrong to shave you tongue with with a machete knife?


What's wrong if the day after sex you noticed your vagina was swollen and painful and now there are pimple-like bumps and your glands are swollen both in the pelvic area and your throat?

Could be numerous things you need to be seen by a Dr. or nurse at a clinic or Hospital.

Is doing screamo bad for your throat?

If you do it wrong, you can damage your vocal chords.

What could be wrong if you have bumps on your neck?

skin cancer, advise to see a doctor right away

What can be the problem when you have bumps in the back of your head?

you need to see a doctor about that one. sorry!! something is wrong.

Why do you have cracks in your tongue?

Excess heat or yin deficiency Heart imbalance, especially if there is a crack down the middle of the tongue to the tip * sides of the tongue - liver * tip of the tongue - heart * center of the tongue - spleen * back of the tongue - kidney The tongue is supposed to be smooth and right colour if not there is something wrong or an inbalance in your body

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tongue twisters

What is wrong with rfk jr's voice?

Well, rfk jr. probably has strep throat Well, rfk jr. probably has strep throat

What is wrong when your swallows feel thick and your throat aches?

When that happens to me, I am over-tired.

What singing can do to your throat?

Singing won't do anything to your throat if you do it correctly. If it hurts or feels uncomfortable then you may be doing something wrong. Just make sure you have correct breathing and throat placement and you'll be fine.