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Q: What is wrong with the gap theory?
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Does the string theory bridge the gap between Einstein's theory of relativity and quantum mechanics?

No, string theory is an attempt to bridge the gap between EVERYTHING, not just relativity and quantum, into one fundamental theory.

What is the theory that sections of active faults that have had few earthquakes are likely to be sites of strong earthquakes in the future called?

it is called the gap hypothesis

What is Knowledge gap theory?

increasing gap between higher and lower educated people

How would you describe the gap theory?

The gap theory first determines the difference between the customer's service expectations and the customer's perception of the service actually received.

Which creation theory has two separate instances of creative activity by God?

Gap theory

How would you define the gap in the gap theory?

This gap is referred to as the service gap and is considered the most important because it determines the level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the service and, ultimately, the organization.

Explain the gap between theory and practice in colonial policy?

A gap between colonial theory and policy refers to the way in which a nation expresses intentions and fails to live up to them

Who proved the world is flat theory wrong?

Eratosthenes proved the world is flat theory wrong

Point gap on 1974 pinto 2.3?

.017........Is wrong !The ignition spark gap is .027

What theory bridged the gap between ancient and medieval philosophy?


Valve noise after spark plugs are changed on 2000 Malibu?

wrong plugs or wrong gap!

In what way does Dalton's theory differ from modern atomic theory?

he was wrong