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Um the new poppy coach bag cost 4 me was $699 without tax so altogether it came out to $ 845 and there you have it :) and the other coach bags um thay depend on their style to find out there price like mine it was new edition and i got it the day it came out :)

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NoB0993-F13354 HOW MUCH IS COACH BAG No.H7G-9089 WORTH ?

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Q: What is your coach purse worth?
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What is the value of my coach purse 15-6094?

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How much is a coach purse with the serial number f7d-9033 worth?

i dont know the answer do you

Coach purse serial numbers?

Coach Purse Serial Number N:D1076-F14380

Where can one purchase a Coach leather purse?

The best place to purchase a Coach leather purse on the Internet is from Coach's website directly. Offline, the best place to find a Coach leather purse is Macy's.

How can someone sell their Coach Soho purse?

A person can sell their Coach Soho purse by advertising it on classified sites such as Kijiji or Craigslist. A Coach Soho purse could also be sold on eBay.

How expensive is a brown coach purse?

The price of a brown Coach purse will vary depending on the style and design. Generally, one can purchase a brown Coach purse for under $100 from sites such as Ebay.

It safe to dry a coach purse?

no it is not safe to dry a coach purse trust me i know did it before wont do it again

Is the serial nt-4903 a real coach purse?

yes it is a real coach purse According to the buying guide of Coach purses, the NT-4903 is not a true Coach purse, but in reality, a FAKE... see the link below on how to tell if a purse is genuine.

Is it worth getting a Coach bag?

I think that it is worth getting a Coach bag because they will last for a long time. If you do not want to spend a ton of money on a Coach bag, then I would recommend buying one at an Outlet Mall because they are the same quality, just a lot less expensive. I have one Coach purse, my mom has a Coach purse, and my mom has a Coach tote, and we really like them. I am trying to decide if I should buy another Coach cross body bag because I don't have any spring bags, (my only coach bag is wintery), and I think it would be worth it because every girl needs a nice purse that she can carry around, right? So, I believe that if you really want a Coach purse, then get it. Just remember you might want to buy one at an Outlet Mall or don't buy another expensive item like that for a while, that way you get your money's worth out of the bag you purchased! :) I hope I helped you at least a little in deciding if Coach bags are worth it and/or if you should get one! I hope if you choose to buy one you enjoy it!

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