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What item do you need to catch shymin with?


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August 27, 2009 11:00AM

to catch shaymin you need the national pokedex To get Shaymin, you must again get an event, this time to get Oak's Letter.Pick it up from any blue-roofed Pokemart, then head to Route 224 en route Victory Road. The entrance to this part of Victory Road is only accessable after you get the National Dex, as the part contains Lapras in the waters. You'll see the entrance if you head into Victory Road via the Pokemon League.

Once you get in, you'll find yourself in fog. Clear it if you want, but it isn't required. Your attacks have their accuarcy drop sharply if the fog is active, though.

If you haven't been through here before, you will have to partner up with Marley to get through, who owns one single Level 57 Arcanine. Arcanine will usually use Helping Hand, with an extremely rare Agility and Fire Fang mixed in, and sometimes Extremespeed (thank you to several people for that).

Get through and reach the end of Victory Road. The first time you do this, Marley will reference Shaymin, though not actually saying its name.

Out on Route 224, head through the area until you reach the white stone that stands there. This time, Oak will be next to it. Talk to him and you'll be delivered a speech about research, and then you'll be asked to thank someone.It doesn't matter what you put in, so yeah. Thank whoever/whatever and the screen will flash white, and all of a sudden the platform will be covered inflowers.

Shaymin will walk up a new path that has opened and come onto Route 224. It will look around, then notice Oak. Oak will

notice it, and so will you. The Shaymin cries then runs away. Chase after it!

Use the bike at Gear 4 to travel north, as the Fissure Path is long. After you see the flowers change several times, you will reach the Flower Paradise,and if you were in the center of the Fissure Path probably drive right into Shaymin. Save before it, and have a go at catching.