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There are many malleable items. Some of these include Play-Doh, fruit, vegetables, aluminum, fabric, copper, iron, as well as plastic.

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What household items that have malleable substance?

Copper, like that found in household electrical wiring, is malleable. Aluminum, to some extent, is malleable as well. Some plastics and rubbers are considered malleable too, but sometimes only under certain conditions.

Is nitrogen malleable or non-malleable?

Is nitrogen malleable

Is molybdenum malleable or non-malleable?

Molybdenum is a metal and is malleable.

Is neodymium malleable or non malleable?

It is malleable.

Is the element mercury malleable or not malleable?


Is iron malleable or not malleable?

Yes it is Malleable

Are metals a non-malleable?

No, metals are generally malleable.

How malleable is mercury?

Mercury is considered to be malleable. However, it is only malleable when it is in solid form. As a liquid, it is not malleable.

What are malleable and non-malleable-toys?

i only know that malleable means to sculp or shape

Is hydrogene malleable?

no it is not malleable

Is nickel malleable?

yes , very malleable (:

Is neon malleable or non malleable?

Neon, being a gas, is not malleable.

Is xenon a malleable or non malleable?

Xenon is a gas at STP. Gases are not malleable.

Which metal is not malleable?

Zinc is not malleable

Is ice malleable?

ice is ,malleable

Is cadmium malleable?

Yes, it is malleable.

Is radon malleable?

No,radon is not malleable.

Is fluorine malleable or brittle?

it is malleable

Is hafnium malleable?

Hafnium is malleable.

Is aluminum a malleable or brittle?


Are metaloids malleable or brittle?


Is Silicon malleable?

No, Silicon is not malleable.

How malleable is iron?

Iron is a fairly malleable metal. Regardless, it is far from the most malleable metal. There is also a metal called malleable iron that is more malleable than regular iron.

What is a sentence for malleable?

The malleable person is adaptable. (metaphor)Metals are an example of a malleable substance.

Is calcium ductile or malleable?

It is malleable, cuz it's a metal and metals are malleable in general.