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Before becoming a writer, Gary Soto worked as a migrant laborer picking crops in fields with his family.

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Q: What job did Gary Soto have before he became a writer?
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At what age did Gary soto became A WRITER?


How does Gary soto feel about Arnie?

Gary Soto has expressed admiration and gratitude for Arnie, saying that Arnie had a positive influence on his life by encouraging his love of reading and writing. Soto has credited Arnie with helping him recognize his potential as a writer and shaping his future aspirations.

What learning diability did Gary soto have?

Gary Soto had a learning disability known as dyslexia, which made it difficult for him to read and write. Despite his challenges, he worked hard to overcome his disability and become a successful writer and poet.

How many children does Gary Soto have?

Gary Soto has 1 child..

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What are Gary soto future plans?

Gary Soto's future plans are not publicly known. As a writer, he may continue to write and publish more books and poetry in the coming years, but specific details about his future plans are not available.

What is Gary Soto's middle name?

gary bilasian soto

What is Gary Soto's occupation?

Gary Soto is a/an Author, poet

What is Gary Soto's middle name?

gary bilasian soto

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