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Which wrestler makes the most money?

triple h makes 5 million a year

How much does al roker make?

He makes 5 million a year

How much money does nicki minaj make a year?

She makes about 5 to 10 million a year

How much does rick ross makes a year?

5-6 million dollars

How much does Lloyd Robertson make?

He makes about 1-5 MILLION YEAR

How much money does Simon cowell make?

about $90 million a year - he gets $40 million a year with his current 5 year Idol contract alone...

How much does kiss earn per year?

Hershey (which makes kisses) makes apx. 400 million in net profit each year, and about 5 billion in revenue

What is Michael Phelps worth?

Not sure what his net worth is but he makes about 5 million dollars a year in endorsements.

How much money does the fxr company make per year on their snow suits?

the company makes over 5 million per year

How much does Michael Phelps make in endorsements?

Michael Phelps makes 5 million dollars in endorsements a year

How much money does Smosh make every year?

Smosh makes more than $10 million dollars per year. $5 million of this is from YouTube and the other $5 million is from things like merchandise, advertising, iTunes music and app downloads, etc. But since Smosh is a duo, Ian and Anthony only earn about $5 million a year, not including payment of crew, etc.

How much does a professional baseball player make?

With a 5 year contract with a team, the average baseball player makes about 100 million dollars in 5 years.

How much money makes you rich?

$5 million+

How much money does a boxing referee make a year?

5 million a fight

How much does Doc Rivers make?

I have been researching on a few NBA sites and what i have seen is the Doc makes around 5 million a year

How much did Lil Wayne make last year?


How much does sydney Crosby make a year?

He now makes 8.7 Million total over the next 5 years until the 2012-2013.

How much money does terry fator make a year?

He reportedly signed a 5 year $100 million dollar contract with Mirage. So $10 million a year. There is also an option for 5 more years for $110 million.

Does a NBA player make more money than a NFL player?

Yes, on average, an NBA player makes about 5 million dollars a year. An NFL player however, makes only 770 thousand dollars a year on average.

How much a pro soccer player makes a week?

5 million

How much does Juan Pablo angel make?

He makes $1.9 million dollars a year. I believe he is in the top 5 highest paid soccer players in the MLS

How much does a rookie professional basketball player make?

A rookie b-ball player makes about 5-10 million dollars per year depending on their rating. They make 5-10 million dollar in the nba. In the ncaa ..... I dont know but they would make about 6 million easily if they are good

How much is the great khali salary?

5 million a year for 6 year......

How many cars get totaled every year?

About 5 million each year

How much does Kat Von D make a year?

5 million a year