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Q: What jobs can you get with 98 gt score?
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How is army gt score calculated?

GT stands for General Technical. The GT score is a composite score derived from several areas of the Armed Services Vocational Ability Battery (ASVAB). It is a calculated mostly from the results of the arithmetic, reasoning, and verbal expression (word knowledge and reading comprehension) sections. A GT score is important as a prerequisite for several positions in the military. The general cutoff for the more desirable jobs in the military requires a GT score of at least 110. An extremely high GT score would be 130.

What jobs can you get in marines with GT score of 91?

With a GT of 91, you can get almost any job...I got a 94...signed up for aviation mechanics, but later changed to security forces/infantry

Will rims and tires from a 99 mustang GT fit a 98 mustang GT?


You received an 81 on your general ASVAB score Could I be eligible for Officer Candidate School also I currently don't know my breakdown I just received my score today. Thanks Chris?

OCS does not go by the general AFQT score. They use the GT score. 81 is probably your AFQT score. You need a 110 on your GT score to be eligible for OCS. With an 81 AFQT score, you probably have a high enough GT score.

What does a 105 gt score mean?

A score of 105 is slightly below average - the average score being 110.

What was the score of the GT and UVA football game 10-25-08?

UVA 24, GT 17

What is the bolt pattern for a 98 mustang gt?

5x4.5 +5x114mm

What is the score on the ASVAB for a GT score of 100?

Go to your education center and sign up for the FAST Class.

Today's Mind Quiz high score is only 98 Can you beat it?

Today's Mind Quiz high score is only 98. Can you beat it? == ==

What size alternator amps is in a 98 sunfire gt?

105 amps

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 98 gt mustang?

In the gas tank

How many liters is the tank of a 98 grand prix gt?