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They could be farmers, tree clearers, miners, or maybe scientists.

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What jobs are there in the Amazon rainforest?

there are tree sappers and there are people who collect fish or get food.

What jobs do the do in the Amazon rainforest?

they cut down trees in the amazon and they fish and they collect raw materials and they mine. good ones

What types of jobs would find in Brazil amazon rainforest?

Alot like a fisher man or a hunter,miner and other stuff

What jobs did the native American Indians perform at san jaun bautista in the past?

The Native American Indians would sing in front of visitors that's how san juan bautista got its nickname "the mission of music"

What were pomo Indians jobs for boys and girls?

pomo indians jobs

Was there any Indians working at the jobs?

there was 100 indians working at the jobs

What were the pacific northwest Indians jobs?

what was there jobs

What jobs do Indians have?

=== === === ===

What jobs did the Apache tribe do?

what jobs did the Apache Indians have

What jobs do Indians do?


What were the jobs that the pomo Indians did?


What jobs do people have in the tropical rainforest?

they are fams which grow crops

What jobs did the Chumash Indians have?

no i can't

What were the chumash Indians jobs?


What did the Miami Indians traditionally do?

they had jobs to do

What did the great plains Indians do as jobs?


What sort of jobs did the native Americans have?

They didn't have jobs like we think of jobs today where we get paid money for work. Check out the National Geographic web site on Native Americans.

What jobs did the Indians do at missions?

herd cattle

What were the Comanche Indians jobs?

to hunt and to fish

What type of jobs did mohawk Indians do?


What were the pueblo Indians jobs in Maine?


What was the padres jobs at San Juan Capistrano?

Their jobs were to teach the Catholic religion to the indians.

Does Amazon have a any jobs available?

To find out if Amazon has any available jobs that would be suited for you, you can go to the Amazon website and open the careers tab. You create a profile and upload a resume. Then browse the list of jobs available and if you see any you like, click the "Apply" button.

What where the native American children jobs?


What kind of jobs do Indians have?

building pizza huts