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you use your elbow

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Q: What joint do you use to lift the barbell?
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How do you use mightily in a sentence?

He strained mightily to lift the huge barbell.

Which joint comes into use when you lift your head?

It would depend entirely on the type of lift, but in most cases the humeroulnar joint, or the elbow, would most likely be involved, e.g. barbell rows and presses, and inevitably in a commercial gym, the barbell curl. The elbows do not contribute to the movement of the deadlift or power clean, in the former staying locked throughout, the latter only moving to rack the bar on the deltoids after the force against the bar ceases at the top of the movement.

Work is required to lift a barbell How many time more work is required to lift the barbell three times as high?

3 more times

What are metal bars used to lift weights called?


Is the weightlifter doing any work when she holds the barbell motionless above her head?

This weightlifter did work on the barbell to lift it over her head.

What is another word for a metal bar used to lift weights?


What joint to you use to lift weight?

depending on what kind of work out you are doing you use just about all of them

What sport do you use a barbell for?

A barbell is used in the sport of professional weightlifting.

What is the name of the lift from the floor directly to shoulder height?

When you lift a barbell from the floor directly to shoulder height it's call a "clean."

How much power is used to lift a barbell weighing 1250 in 2m 3s?


What type of jewelry can you use for hood piercings?

Well for horizontal hood piercings you can use a captive bead ring or circular barbell. For vertical hood the choices are straight barbell, bent barbell, circular barbell or captive bead ring.

What is the power expended when a barbell is lifted 2.2m in 2 seconds?

The power during the lift is (weight of the barbell in Newtons)/4.4 watts.Note:Power is not "expended". Energy is. Power is the rate at which energy is expended.