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i think that the answer is the sun but if that is not right i hope i was close.

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Q: What keeps temperature on earth from getting too hot or cold?
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What keeps earth from getting to hot or cold?

Well, the sun.

What keeps earth from getting too hot or too cold?

i think that the answer is the sun but if that is not right i hope i was close.

Does cold water dry your skin?

no,cold wated keeps your skin refreshed its keeps your skin from getting dry

Water keeps the planet from getting to hot and cold?

no !

Temperature of earth?

the temperature varies from hot to cold

What keeps the earth from becoming to hot during the day and to cold at night?

The atmosphere is responsible for absorbing excessive incoming solar energy, keeping the earth at an average temperature of approximately 15 degrees Celsius and preventing rapid changes in temperature.

Is the earth cold?

A: Earth has a minimum surface temperature of -88°C and a maximum surface temperature of 58°C.

What does it mean when the temperature gauge keeps going from cold to hot then back to cold?

Could be low on coolant or a sticky thermostat.

When the temperature is going up does it mean that its getting cold?

No, it does not.

How does a green house keep earth from losing energy?

A green house is a structure primarily Glass which temperature and humidity can be controlled for the cultivation or protection of plants.A green house keeps earth from losing energy because it does not let in to much heat or to much cold that's how a green house keeps earth fro losing energy.

What keeps the temperature from dropping below freezing in India?


What do a thermostat do on a car?

it keeps the temperature regulated. as in, it doesn't let the engine get too cold or hot.