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Q: What key information does modern classification rely upon that was not available in Linnaeus's' time?
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What key information does modern classification rely upon that was not available in Linnaeus time?


What is the difference between modern methods of classification and traditional methods of classification?

Modern classification is based on evolutionary relationships between organisms while traditional classification is not.

Which piece of information provided the stimulus for the shift from traditional classification to modern classification?

an understanding that species share a common ancestor

What is the modern classification of the Roman brass cornu?

The modern classification of the Roman brass cornu is aerophone.

What are the modern day classification jobs?

The modern day classification jobs are spider factories and elephant waste.

How is modern classification different from Aristotle's classification?

We don't use roman numerials

Who is the father of modern organism classification?

Carl Linnaeus, Father of Classification

How have the technological changes of the Information Age transformed modern society?

One technological change in the Information Age has transformed the types of jobs available in modern society. Another impact has been on productivity.

What is a linnear classification?

Modern taxonomy. It is the science of of classification of life. (Named after Carl Von Linneaus)

Who developed the modern binomial classification system and what new method of chemical analysis is providing more information?

Carl Linnaeus; X-ray chemical analysis

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Modern Combast 3: Fallen Nation is not the same game as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and information on the game is available at the related link

Modern classification of government?

I really don't know