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The highest size in a girls' shoe size is a 13 and I'm not sure what a boys is. But a 13 is the highest you can go before you hit a women's shoe size :)

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2011-09-15 12:05:34
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Q: What kid's size a shoe is equivalent to womens sizes?
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What size is kids shoe 13.5 in a womens?

What size is kids shoe 3.5 in a womens?

What kids shoe size is equivalent to a size 6 in womens shoes?


What is a size women's shoe size equal to in a children's shoe size?

a kids 5.5 is equal to a womens 7 reason is because kids sizes are sized in mens

American shoe sizes a 6.5 youth boys would be equal to what womens size shoe?

It would be and 8.5 in womens. If you have a boys shoe then just bump it up two sizes to to get the women's shoe.

If you wear a size 5 in womens shoes what size would you wear in a girls shoe?

You would wear a size 3 to a 3 1/2 in girls sizes. :) Womens to kids is always about two sizes down (ex: 5 in womens is 3 in girls) and mens to womens is two sizes down (ex: 8 in womens is 6 in mens). I work in a shoe store, so I get that a lot! Hope that helps!

What are the six most popular womens shoe sizes?


Are there any girls' boots in kids' shoe sizes?

Girls' boots can be found in kids' shoe sizes.

What is the womens shoe size 6.5 converted to a boys shoe size?

4.5 in boy sizes. You go 2 sizes down

UK shoe sizes and Italian shoes size?

UK and Italian are the same they go by Eur (European). 36 eur =3 kids 37=4 kids but 3 kids equals 5 womens and 4 kids go by 6 womens.

What kid's shoe size is equivalent to a size 9 in women's shoes?

There isn't one, that is why there are kid sizes and Women sizes. Mens sizes are however 1 size smaller than womens sizes. W8=M7

What size is a womens 5.5 equal to in kids shoe?

I have no ANSWER!

What kids shoe size is equivalent to size 7 in womens shoes?

sz 5.5 is equivalent to a Women's sz 7 .... they both measure at 9.25" :)

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