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Q: What kid of energy does a microphone use in and out?
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What is the energy transfer when you use a microphone?

The sound waves cause a diaphragm in the microphone to vibrate. The mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.

How can you converts acoustic energy to electrical energy?

The best way is to use a microphone.

Which piece of apparatus would you use to change sound energy to electrical energy?

-- a microphone -- the part of a telephone near your mouth

What are the main energy changes in a loudspeaker and microphone?

loudspeaker of telephone: electrical to sound energy microphone of telephone: sound to electrical energy

How can you convert sound energy into electrical energy?

You can use a microphone. This is a good idea, since that's exactly what it's designed to accomplish.

What is use of microphone?

the use of a microphone is to speak louder

What does a microphone change sound energy into?

eletrical energy

What changes acoustic energy into electric energy?

a microphone

What does microphone convert sound energy into?

sound energy

What turns sound energy into electrical energy?

A microphone

What type of energy does an iron use?

figure it out kid

How could you change sound energy into electrical energy?

With a microphone