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Things that can kill bullfrogs include pesticides and snake repellent. These things are used to remove bullfrogs. Humans also kill bullfrogs for food.

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How can you tell if a bullfrog is a female or a male?

You can tell a female bullfrog from a male bullfrog by simply look at it a male bullfrog is usually bigger while a female bullfrog is smaller.

What does a bullfrog do in the winter?

a bullfrog hiberants

Do bullfrog have a backbone?

A bullfrog does have a backbone.

Is a bullfrog a consumer?

A bullfrog is not a consumer.

Is the bullfrog an invertebrate?

A bullfrog is not an invertebrate; it has a spine.

What genus is the bullfrog?

The Genus for the Bullfrog is Litoria. :

What is a female bullfrog called?

Ms. Bullfrog.

What is the genus of a bullfrog?

The genus for a Bullfrog is 'Litoria.' :)

What do you call the ear of a bullfrog?

ear of a bullfrog

What is bullfrog mass?

bullfrog mass is the way a person weighs a bullfrog by................................................... mwah aqeefah luv u's

What colour is the grown bullfrog?

The grown bullfrog is brown.

Where does the America bullfrog come from?

the bullfrog come from America

Does the bullfrog care its young?

no a bullfrog does not look after their young.

Where is the albino bullfrog located?

there is more den 1 albino bullfrog in the world, you can buy 2 albino bullfrog tadpoles on ebay. a fullgrown bullfrog can be about 100 bucks.

Is a bullfrog a mammal?

No a bullfrog is not a mammal. Frogs and toads are amphibians.

What is the phylum of a bullfrog?

the phylum class of a bullfrog is cordata or with a spine.

What are some bullfrog adaptations?

No bullfrog adaptations are currently in existence

When was Calabresi's bullfrog created?

Calabresi's bullfrog was created in 1927.

Can a bullfrog eat a toad?

yes because a bullfrog is bigger

Who was Bullfrog?

bullfrog is a frog type that jump very big

Can a bullfrog bite you?

Bullfrog? Sometimes, but you wont feel anything.

When was Green Bullfrog created?

Green Bullfrog was created in 1972.

When was African bullfrog created?

African bullfrog was created in 1838.

When was Bullfrog Power created?

Bullfrog Power was created in 2005.

When was Bronco Bullfrog created?

Bronco Bullfrog was created in 1969.

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