What kills a jaguar?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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A crocodile, an anaconda, a lion, and poachers etc.

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Man is the primary enemy but large crocodilains and large anacondas have been known to occasionally kill and eat a jaguar.

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Q: What kills a jaguar?
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What animal kills a jaguar?

An anacoda A crocodile and A lion

Where did the jaguar get its name?

from its skinThe jaguar's name comes from an old Latin American word 'yaguar' which means 'he who kills with one leap'~ Khanna13

What does a jaguar do if it kills an animal and does not want it anymore?

It leaves it. It wanted it before now it doesn't

How does the jaguar help in nature?

It kills sick animals which help even to save some preys

Is a jaguar a mutualism commensalism animal?

The jaguar is not a mutualism commensalism animal. If it was, it would mean that it didn't harm any other animals. Because it hunts and kills them, that disqualifies the jaguar from that category.

Is the name jaguar from a native American word meaning he who kills with one leap?

No. It comes from a Tupi-Guaraní word for "beast".

What will win - a gorilla or a jaguar?

in animal face off the anaconda won but on land the jaguar may win, in the Disney film jungle cat, the jaguar kills the anaconda, however, they said on wikipedia that they were abusing the animals by drugging them so the jaguar could win, if the anaconda was healthy, the jaguar would have been lunch!

Why is a jaguar called a jaguar?

The noun jaguar is a Portugese word which came into that language around 1600. It originated from the language of the Tupi - Native American - people of Brazil and Paraguay; the Tupi word was jaguara, which is believed to have referred to any large predatory animal.The name of the British car, Jaguar, was adopted following the Second World War; the company making the car was the Swallow Sidecar Company, which used the initials 'SS' as a brand. The Nazi SS, or Schutzstaffel, was Hitler's paramilitary force, understandably unpopular with the British, so the company had to find a new brand name for their cars. The name, of course, comes from the animal, jaguar, chosen because of the creature's famous beauty, sleekness and speed.

What is an interesting fact about a jaguar?

The jaguar is the only big cat that doesn´t kill prey by biting its throat; instead, it bites through the skull, piercing the brain with its fangs and causing death instantly. Even the word "jaguar" comes from a South American Indian word meaning "the beast that kills in a single bound!"

What are the most popular Jaguar classics?

The absolute most popular Jaguar is the D-Type. Others include the S.S. Automobile, the Jaguar XJ-S, the Jaguar XJ-13, the Jaguar E-Type, the Jaguar D-Type, the Jaguar MK II sedan, the Jaguar C-Type racing car, the Jaguar XK Sportwagen and the Jaguar XJ 220.

What is a picture of a jaguar?

this is a jaguar

Is the jaguar a fish?

No, the jaguar is a mammal.