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Soccer? :L

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Q: What kind games do they Australians play?
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What kind of music do Australians play?

Australians only listen and play digerydoos they have no idea about other forms of music.

What games do Australians play?

Australian rules football

What did Australians do for leisure in the 1900s?

play games outside & people went to sporting games.....

What sports does Australians play?

Australians play Cricket

What kind of games do kids in Norway play?

the same "kind" of games children play everywhere

What kind of games do they play?

Type your answer here... whatnd of games do they play?

What games do Australians play at Christmas?

Janga (stacking game) cards Backgammon Not computer games also new board games but almost no computer games or TV

What kind of games did the the walla walla tribe play?

they did not play games

What kind of music do Australians like?

Australians like Pop and country music.

Do computer games actually help you?

Depend on what kind of games you play. You think when you play strategy games.

What kind games does normally people play?

Adventurous games

What kind of games do they play in the Bahamas?

lots of board games

What kind of games did the Indians play?


What games did the inuit play?

What kind of question is this

What kind of games can you play with dominoes?


What kind of PC i need to play ps2 games?

You need a PS2 to play the games not a PC

What kind of sports and games do Bolivians play?

they play soccor and other games like our in the U.S

What do the Australians only play?

Presuming you mean games, Australian Rules Football, although it is becoming popular outside Australia.

What kind of beer do Australians drink?


Kind of people live in Australia?


What kind of games did the Miwok Indians play?

they played video games

What kind of games does 50 cent play?

drinking games, smoking games, and chess.

Do australians play a woodwind instrument called a didgeridoo?

Australians play a very popular instrument that's in the woodwind family called the didgeridoo.

Did Benji Marshall play in any of the state of origins?

No, he is a Kiwi therefor ineligible for any of the State of Origin games which are for Australians only.

What kind of games did the settlers play?

world of warcraft