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Q: What kind information might you need to make inferences about?
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What kind of matter that makes up earth interior help scientists make inferences?

scientists know the mass and the volume of earth how could this information help them make inferences about thr kind of matter that makes up the earth interior

Which of these aspects of things fall apart might lead you to make inferences regarding?

Not enough information. Regarding what? See related questions.

How do weather forecasters make predictions about tomorrow's weather?

they use the information from their observations to make inferences

What reading strategy involves combining prior knowledge with new information?

The reading strategy that involves combining your prior knowledge with new information is inferences. When you make inferences you use reasoning, which combines you prior knowledge with new information.

What sources of information should a reader use to make inferences?

The three three sources of information are semantic, graphophonic, and syntactic.

What is a sentence using make inferences?

To make an inference means to conclude or deduce something. A sentence using \'make inferences\' could be \'given all of the evidence stacked against him, the police had to make inferences that the man was guilty\'.

How information can change into data?

To convert data into information, you must perform some summarization, analysis, and interpretation. Data doesn't allow one to make decisions or inferences, but information does.

Is it possible to have many inferences for an observation?

Yes, it is possible to make many inferences from an observation.

Why We usually look for certain conventions is a visual text to help us?

make inferences about its meaning.

Five sources of information that you use to make informed inferences?

The five sources of information that we use to make informed inferences are: 1. Using Knowledge to Infer 2. Using experience to Infer 3. Using clues to Infer 4. Using Critical Thinking to Infer: Internet 5. Using Figurative Language Cues to Infer.

What do you make inferences about?

I think the story you are reading.

What inferences might you make about what was happening to or with each of the creatures?

No inference can be made as the creatures in question have not been identified nor indeed have the circumstances been documented.