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Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing acid.

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What kind ions will the acid nitric acid form when dissolved in water?

The dissociation of nitric acid is:HNO3------------H+ + (NO3)-

What kind of salt is always formed in reactions with nitric acid?

Reactions with Nitric acid will form nitrates.

How do you prepare 10 percent of nitric acid?

how to prepare 10% nitric acid from 55% nitric acid

In what form does nitric acid exist?

Nitric acid is just nitric acid. At room temperature, it is a liquid.

What is the chemical formula for nitric acid?

Nitric Acid is HNO3The chemical formula for nitric acid is HNO3

Is nitric acid a heterogeneous?

nitric acid is heterogeneous.

Is nitric acid a base or an acid?

It is an acid (HNO3), hence the name nitric acid.

What do you get when you mix nitric acid with sulfuric acis?

A mixture of nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Nitric acid and sulfuric acid do not react with each other.

What is the periodic name for nitric acid?

The IUPAC name for nitric acid is "nitric acid." But its Periodic name is HNO3

How many molecules of nitric acid are in 300 g of nitric acid?

The number of nitric acid molecules is 28,6723.10e23.

What does gold plus nitric acid yield to?

Just gold and nitric acid. Gold's impervious to nitric acid.

Reactivity of Nitric acid and sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid is more stronger than Nitric acid, but Nitric acid is more reactive than Sulfuric acid.

Formula for nitric acid?

the formula for nitric acid is HNO3.

Is nitric acid a homogeneous?

Yes, nitric acid is homogeneous.

What does nitric acid lead to?

Nitric acid lead to nitrates.

Does sodium reacts with nitric acid?

no sodium do not react with nitric acid because nitric acid is a strong oxidizing agent....

Is acetic acid or nitric acid stronger?

Nitric acid is stronger than acetic acid.

Is nitric acid the same as sulfuric acid?

nitric acid be used insted of hypophrosphous acid

Does nitric acid forms acid salts?

Nitric acid form nitrate salts

What is the formula of sulfuric acid and nitric acid?

Sulfuric acid = H2SO4 Nitric acid = HNO3

Magnesium oxide nitric acid?

magnesium oxide + nitric acid

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