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it is a aquatic animal which is an invertebrate

also come under echinodermata

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Does a starfish bring any kind of fortune?

No, a starfish does not bring a person any kind of fortune. A starfish is an animal that lives in the ocean.

Is starfish a plant or a animal?

Starfish is an animal.

Is a starfish an animal plankton?

Sure, starfish larvae are planktonic. Adult starfish are not.

Is a starfish a sessile or freemoving animal?

Starfish can move about.

Which animal has 5 eyes?

Which animal has 5 eyes? - BEE - SEA STAR / STARFISH

What kind of enemies do starfish have?

Bigger starfish.

What kind of animal is an echinoderm?

Marine animals. Such as starfish, sea urchin, sea cucumbers, and sand dollars.

Do starfish have back bone?

Starfish does not have back bone. It is invertebrate animal.

What animal has no ears?

a starfish

Is a starfish a animal?

of corse

What animal have no brain?


Do starfish live in warm water?

It depends what kind of starfish you have.

What kind of beach do you get starfish?

you can get starfish at any beach that has tidlepools .

What animal have 5 heart?

a "starfish" has 5 hearts. A 'starfish' has 5 hearts.

Why starfish is not a fish?

Starfish (Sea stars) are echinoderms, a type of spiny animal.

What is a feather star?

This is a kind of starfish - an echninoderm animal. It's a crinoid. It looks like a plant, and has feather-like arms.

Is a starfish an animal or plant?


Which animal has 5 limbs?


What is a ten armed animal?


What is an animal in the starfish group?


What sea animal is bony?


What kind of water does starfish live in?

there are many kind of starfish! 20,000 in fact! so starfish live in many kind of waters: some in deep waters, tropical waters, and cold waters!

Is a starfish an animal?

Yes, it is a sea creature that is deemed the same as an animal!

What kind of starfish is the one from finding nemo?

Elegant Seastar(fromia Starfish)

What kind of starfish live in the arctic?

No starfish live in the Artic. Not even one.

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