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A whale is a mammal because they have some hair.

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What kind of animal is a narwhal?

A whale.

Is the killer whale the lagerst sea animal in its kind of whales?

No, the largest whale is the Blue Whale.

What kind of animal is over 150ton and over 115feet?

a grey whalea whale

What kind of animal was Moby Dick?

A whale but I'm not sure what kind.

Which animal leaps out of the water to communicate with others of its kind?


What kind of whale is the biggest in the pacific ocean?

The Blue Whale is the largest animal on earth.

What kind of animal is a killer whale?

PCH: Dolphin

What is an animal ending with ale?

Any kind of whale.

What kind of whale is the largest sea animal?

Blue Whales are the largest.

What kind of animal eats killer whales?

The kind of animal is a shark, after the whale dies the shark, comes and eats it. Sharks will come in groups.

Which kind of fish are biggest?

the largest FISH in the world is a whale shark, the largest animal in the sea is the blue whale, which is a mammal.

A Killer Whale what kind of animal is it?

The killer whale or Orca, is the largest dolphin species. The name killer whale originated from the term whale killer, given to it by fishermen, who witnessed it hunting other whale species.

Can any animal kill a whale?

a animal can kill a whale

What kind of animal pops out of the dead killer whale in Eight Below?

A Leopard Seal

What animal eats a whale?

This animal is a whale too and its call a Killer Whale eat could eat a Blue Whale.

What animal is a killer whale?

a whale

How do you spell wail?

well the big water animal is spelt whale and wail is where you kind of scream

What kind of a animal is a whale?

A mammel. It breathes air through a blowhole on top of its head, when it surfaces.

What kind of animal of whales?

All the different species of whale are sea going aquatic mammals.

Kind of animal is a narwhal?

Mammal- a type of whale, noted for having a spike like a unicorn.

What is the same as a whale?

what animal is the same as a whale

What whale is the biggest whale?

The blue whale. It is the biggest animal on Earth.

What kind of whales are in the Georgia Aquarium?

There are actually no whales. There is one animal called a Whale Shark, which is a shark, not a whale. I am not positively sure if it is at the Georgia Aquarium, though.

Is killer whale the biggest animal in the whole world?

No, the largest animal is the blue whale.

Why is a sperm whale the Connecticut animal?

the sperm whale is connecticut'sstate animal because ...who knows why?

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